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Budget Fast Facts

OHPS Budget Fast Facts

Where does OHPS funding come from?

Public school funding comes from multiple sources - local, state, and federal. In the state of Washington, school districts receive revenue based on enrollment and other factors. 

OHPS also receives Federal Impact Aid, which is a federal program that provides financial resources for schools impacted by federally-owned, tax-exempt properties in the military and other communities. These funds become part of our District’s operating budget and support student programs and special education services. Federal impact aid revenue can be used to cover costs not typically covered under state funding. 

How is money spent in Oak Harbor Public Schools? 

A majority of OHPS expenditures go towards salaries and benefits for staff (approximately 88%) and the remaining funds are spent on Maintenance, Operations and Supply Costs (MSOCs)

To see the full budget, please check out our budget book.