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School Bus Safety

School Bus Safety

bus danger zone

Bus Loading Zone

Keeping Children Safe Around the School Bus

Motorists, parents, and students all play an important role in keeping students safe on and around the school bus. 

Student Bus Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct for safe behavior while waiting for and riding our buses is strictly enforced. Cameras on each bus help identify problems and solve conflicts in an effort to keep buses under safe management at all times.

Student Code of Conduct

Motorists can do the following to keep students safe

  • Follow the rules of the road by not passing a school bus when it has lights flashing and the stop sign out. There is no safe way to illegally pass a school bus when students are present. It’s illegal to pass a school bus within the roadway as it drops off or picks up passengers—regardless of the direction of the approach.
  • Share the road and drive at a slower pace and keep a safe distance from school buses. 

Parents/Guardians can do the following to keep students safe

  • Supervise younger children at the bus stop
  • Ensure your student arrives at the bus stop at least ten minutes early before the bus arrives to pick them up
  • Talk to your child about keeping a safe distance from school buses. They should stay three giant steps away from the road and not approach the school bus until it comes to a complete stop and the door opens. Children who cross the street or the parking lot to get on or off the bus should be at least five giant steps or ten feet in front of it. Before stepping onto the roadway, they should check for passing cars from each direction and wait for the OK signal from the school bus driver or crossing guard. Students should also never walk behind the school bus or attempt to pick up an item that is dropped outside of it without getting permission from the driver first.