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OHPS is Now Using ParentSquare!

Oak Harbor Public Schools uses ParentSquare to communicate with you at the school, and in your classrooms and groups. ParentSquare provides a simple and safe way for everyone at school to connect. With ParentSquare you’ll be able to:

  • Receive all school and classroom communication via email, text or app
  • Communicate in your preferred home language with automatic translation
  • Direct message teachers and staff
  • Have access to your school's documents and pictures/videos that come in your ParentSquare messages
  • Easily sign up to volunteer and/or bring items

At the beginning of the school year, you will receive an invitation in your email to join ParentSquare. This invitation will go to the email address or phone number you provided at the time of registration. Please click on the link the message to activate your account. You can also use your email or phone number to set up your account without an invitation.  You can use ParentSquare on any device. In the links on the right navigation you can download the free mobile app for Android or iOS.

You can also use it from a computer through the ParentSquare website.

Our goal is for every family to join ParentSquare. Please contact the Communications Department if you have questions or need information.

ParentSquare Resources & Tips

Instant vs. Digest Delivery Preferences
Each individual can adjust their notification settings after logging in by clicking My Account from the upper-right corner dropdown and then Customize Your Settings under Notification Settings.

For new accounts without set preferences, Digest is the default setting for delivery. Digest means you will receive an email, text, and/or app notification once per day in the evening with all posts from that day.

If you would like to receive posts as they happen throughout the day, set your preferences to Instant. 

Note: If you choose to turn off all notifications, you will still be notified for emergency alerts and notices.

  • Please check your spam to see if any ParentSquare messages ended up there, and mark them as "Not Spam." Also add to your email contacts so your server recognizes our messages. If you still are not receiving emails, please contact .

  • ParentSquare, is a new communication platform that will allow Oak Harbor Public Schools to unify all parent and guardian communication from the district, schools, classrooms and school activity groups under one umbrella. 

  • ParentSquare is meant to be utilized as a centralized communication system for family communication from the district, schools, classrooms and school activity groups. It immediately replaces Remind (used primarily for one on one communication) and Blackboard (our previous mass communication and website vendor.) It does not replace our Skyward Student Information System for staff or families. 

  •  No, your personal contact information can only be viewed by you and the admin associated with the account. It will not be shared externally to anyone and will be used strictly for communication purposes. 

  • All unregistered staff and families were sent an activation link in early August for the 2023-2024 school year.  If you did not receive a ParentSquare invite, then it is possible we have the wrong contact information on file or the link may have went into your spam folder. 


  • Those invitation links only last for 24 hours. You do not need to wait for a new invitation!  You can proceed to the ParentSquare log on page and create your account with the same email address at which you would have received an invite.

  • It is recommended that each spouse have their own cell phone or email for emergency situations. However, if you and your spouse share an email address (or have provided the same email address for each of you in our parent contact records, only one spouse will be able to log in to ParentSquare using that email address.  The other spouse should use their cell phone number to log on or contact your school office to add an additional email address.

  • ParentSquare will be the main source of communication for the district. However, this method of communication might not be utilized by all classrooms right away.  This is a new platform, so please be patient.

  • Yes, once the feature is enabled, and teachers start to use the platform, parents and guardians can contact their child's teacher privately by using the direct messaging tool. On the home page, click on "Messaging" in the left sidebar. From here, you can send a direct message to your child's teacher that only you and the teacher can see. Here is a link to our help page on direct messaging.

  • ParentSquare will notify those contacts listed as a Primary Parent, Parent, Guardian within Skyward Family Access.  ParentSquare is an all-in-one platform that contains personally identifiable information for each student, therefore, we only engage with those designated contacts.

  • No.  Sharing a password will allow a user to see personally identifiable information about the student. Since Parent Square is an all-on-one tool, the information an end user would see would be attendance notifications, lunch balance information, direct messages, and report cards.

  • No. Each contact has the functionality of creating their own private account. They will, however, see everything related to the shared student. They will NOT see contact information on the other parent.  

  • No. ParentSquare is not the main source for classroom assignments. However, teachers can utilize the platform to remind families and students on due dates if they choose. 

  •  It can take up to 24 hours for your contact information to be synced from Skyward to ParentSquare.

  • No, but you will not be able to customize communication to your preferences. If you do not do anything in ParentSquare, you will still receive communication as normal from the district and your school sites.

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