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Safety Procedures

Safety Procedures

Student safety is our highest priority which is why each school has a specific plan with roles and responsibilities for handling a variety of situations. The school will provide communication for minor or school-specific situations.  However, communication for most emergency situations will come from the district office.  Here are some of the procedures that may be taken by the district and what they mean.

In the event of an emergency, the school district will provide accurate communication as fast as possible. We will be working with first responders and other law enforcement agencies to make sure the information is communicated quickly without compromising student safety.  During these situations, we ask for your patience. 

Here are the different forms of communication used during an emergency situation:

Initial Communication: Text Message, Phone Call, Email, Website Alert, and Social Media
Updated Communication: Text Message, Phone Call, Email, Website Alert, and Social Media
Conclusion Statement: Email

A lockout occurs when a non-immediate threat is reported in the community.  The exterior doors to the school will be locked and no visitors will be allowed in the building.  Education in the classroom will continue, but students will remain inside the school building.

A school building goes into a lockdown when a more immediate safety concern is reported on campus or police activity in the community is nearby.  Students and staff remain in classrooms, behind locked doors, staying quiet and out of sight.  Windows and blinds are closed and lights are turned off. 

A school building will be evacuated when an immediate threat to the campus is reported and it is determined that it would be safer for students to be transported out of the building to a reunification location. 

Reunification Site
In the rare instance that students are transported to an off-site location due to an emergency, families will be notified when and where to pick up their child. Reunification sites are not published for safety precautions.

What to expect when picking up your student at a reunification site:
  • You will be asked to show photo ID
  • Have patience and follow all directions by school staff
  • If you are unable to pick up your child, the school will release your student to someone who is on the emergency contact list.
  • School District Transporation will be provided for students who are not picked up.

All Clear
After an emergency has been cleared by the proper authorities, a message indicating the safety concern has been resolved will be issued. 


Student Safety Tipline: 360.279.5050

Oak Harbor Public Schools are a Tobacco, Drug and Gun-Free Zone