Why is now the right time for the bond measure?

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The approval of this bond measure would allow us to rebuild schools that are too old to be renovated, while allowing us to prepare for the continued growth and needs of our schools and community.  The schools on the project list were built in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, which means they were not built to handle the current growth and needs of our student population. Additionally, enhancing safety continues to be a top priority for our schools and community. 

With building costs increasing, postponing school construction is unlikely to result in cost-savings. The cost of building materials and supply chain challenges are increasing construction costs. Waiting longer to build schools could result in the loss of federal matching dollars, increased construction costs and/or design changes.

The bond proposal utilizes available funds provided by the Department of Defense to reduce the cost on taxpayers. Due to the poor condition, overcrowding, and the locations of Crescent Harbor Elementary and Hand-in-Hand Early Learning Center/HomeConnection, the Department of Defense is providing 80 percent of the funding to rebuild these schools. This money is time bound and if the bond is not passed, the funding from the Department of Defense goes away.