Pick-Up And Drop-Off Information

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Information

A road was created on the east end of the school that connects 3rd Street to 6th Street.  This is mostly a two-lane and one-way road with an expanded student pick-up and drop-off area and additional parking for parents. However, as cars exit the drop-off area and get close to the main doors of the campus, the two lanes merge into one.  Please be careful during this time, watch for cars and students when merging.

There are other available drop-offs and pick-up locations around the school.  Oak Harbor Public Schools came to an agreement with the adjacent Baptist Church to allow families to use their parking spaces at the beginning and end of each school day.  Parents can also pick up and drop off on SW Dyer Street, at the cul-de-sac on Oak Harbor Street, along 6th Street, and on 3rd Street. 

Main Entrance Drop Off/Pick Up Instructions

If you prefer the main entrance as your drop-off/pick-up point, then please watch the following video.  We ask that if you take this route that you remain patient. Modifications to drop off and pick up procedures will occur throughout the school year to create smoother transitions. For walkers, there is a sidewalk from 3rd Ave so students can enter and leave safely from either side of the campus.