Studying the Salish Sea

Posted by Annette Stillwell on 1/28/2020

Acidification Poster In Mr. Del Prete's fourth-grade class, a statement is written on the board.  It says:


What happens to our seas, happens to us all.


Students are working hard to let people know just what is going on in our oceans, specifically our local and well-loved Salish Sea.  They are authoring an illustrated book describing the effects of acidification on our local waters and the creatures living therein. 


One student was working on the section about crustaceans.

Dovie: Acidification is making the crabs' shells thinner. 

Staff:  What does that mean?

Dovie:  That means that they can't protect themselves from predators.


Once published, these young scientists will be sharing their book with the public, scientists, policy-makers, and others to spread the word and encourage action for improvement.  


In this case, the students are the teachers and we can't wait to learn what they have to teach us.


Girl drawing illustration  Boy with Mr. Del Prete

Student writing book article