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Parent Drop Off/Removal And Release Of Students During School Hours Instructions

Main sign of Oak Harbor Intermediate when entering from 3rd Street.Welcome to the new Oak Harbor Intermediate School.  We are excited to have your fifth or sixth-grader join us this school year.  With the reconfiguration of the intermediate school, we anticipate about 900 students walking our hallways this year.  

While we are prepared to serve these students within the building, we are asking for parents' help by reading this Intermediate School Transportation page to make sure our students and families remain safe as they enter and exit our school. 


Removal or Release of Students During School Hours:

Students may be released from school during school hours by an authorized individual only.  Before a student is released, the person seeking to remove the student must present valid identification that matches authorizations supplied to our office by the student’s parent/guardian. Authorized individuals will be required to provide written documentation to release the student on the attendance sign-in/out roster. Students will be called out of class upon the arrival of an authorized individual to the office and will not be called out of instruction time early to wait in the office area. 

Due to the many after school activities offered at OHI and end of the day logistics, we are unable to fulfill student release requests within 10 minutes of the dismissal bell.  

If you feel you have an urgent issue or emergency requiring special consideration, please see the front office and we will do our best to accommodate as appropriate.

If you have any questions about the new transportation procedures, please call us at 360.279.5300.


Transportation Options

  1. When it comes to sending your child to school, families have options.  For the intermediate school, we encourage parents to use our school bus system.  Many of our buses are now equipped with Stop Paddle Camera system to record violators who illegally pass a school bus with its red flashing lights.

    Please use InfoFinder, type in your home address, and the school your child will attend, and you'll receive pickup times, drop-off times, bus numbers, and the entire route of the bus.  Plus, you can't be late for school when riding the yellow bus.
  2. Another option is to drop your child off at school directly.  This method also comes with options.  With the additional students entering the building, the pickup/drop-off procedures have changed. A new road was created on the east end of the school that will connect 3rd Street to 6th Street.  This is mostly a two-lane and one-way road with a significantly expanded student pick-up and drop-off area and additional parking for parents, which will ease the flow of traffic. However, as cars exit the drop-off area and get close to the main doors of the campus, the two lanes merge into one.  Please be careful during this time, watch for cars and students when merging.

    One way sign to indicate cars may only enter from the north end of the road. Picture of the two lane road that connects 3rd avenue and 6th avenue. Water main pipe is protected with four steel poles. A picture of the two roads merging to one lane.

    The road connecting 3rd street and 6th street is one-way. The speed limit is 10 mph.

    The two-lane road can fit two cars side-by-side.  Please be careful when driving and watch for objects on the side of the road. As cars approach the main entrance to the building, the two lanes merge into one.  

  3. There are other available drop-offs and pick-up locations around the school.  Oak Harbor Public Schools came to an agreement with the adjacent Baptist Church to allow families to use their parking spaces at the beginning and end of each school day.  Parents can also pick up and drop off on SW Dyer Street, at the cul-de-sac on Oak Harbor Street, along 6th Street, and on 3rd Street.  

Main Entrance Drop Off/Pick Up Instructions

We have a variety of options for families to drop off or pick up their child.  The Baptist Church parking lot or SW Dyer are great options for families.  However, if you prefer the main entrance as your drop off/pick up point, then please watch the following video.  We ask that if you take this route that you remain patient.  Modifications to drop off and pick up procedures will occur throughout the school year to create smoother transitions. For walkers, we added a new sidewalk from 3rd Ave so students can enter and leave safely from either side of the campus.



Bus Information

Students taking the bus will be dropped off at approximately 8:20 a.m. With the school day starting at 8:55 a.m., students will have a variety of before-school options available, which includes physical activities, library time, and the cafeteria.  For the first two days of schools, students will report directly to their homerooms.

6th Grade Advanced Band Transportation

Students attending the 6th-grade advanced band class should have been notified directly of their transportation options.  The class begins at 7:45 a.m., the same time for fifth graders last year. 

Please contact Transportation at 360.279.5570 for any questions.