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Robotics Team Competes!

The Olympic View Orcas robotics team competed on Saturday at the Mount Vernon regional qualifier.  The OVE Orcas competed in four areas; robot design and programming, core values, project presentation and the robot competition.  The team has been preparing for the meet since September. 
This years theme was "Into Orbit".  The team met with Astronaut Heide Piper and learned about the problems faced during "Long Duration Space Flights".  The team chose to solve the problem of the lack of water while in space.  The team developed a plan and presented their information to the Judges at the competition.  During the core values competition, the team was presented with a challenge that they had to solve in less than 5 minutes as a team.  Then the team had to explain how teamwork is utilized to problem solve and what the CORE values of FIRST robotics represent.  This years team developed an engineering notebook to demonstrate how they learned programming and the ideas behind how they designed their robot.  The judge asked to keep the students notebook for the duration of the competition and remarked to the kids they were his favorite team.  Finally, in the afternoon, the kids put their robot to the test on the Ride and Johnson fields in front of packed bleachers and demonstrated their prowess with programming in front of the raucous crowd.  Their robot scored on several missions.  The team had an outstanding year, learned teamwork, explored science, engineering and math principles, but most of all had fun!
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