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Youth Coalition Seeking Parent Input

Oak Harbor Youth Coalition Logo The Oak Harbor Youth Coalition is seeking input from adults in our area!  Each year, the coalition launches a Community Survey to get a snapshot of Oak Harbor adults’/parents’ opinions and attitudes about the behavioral health issues facing young people in our community.  

The entire survey takes less than two minutes and your participation is completely anonymous.  Survey results serve as a vital planning tool for the Coalition’s strategies and activities.

Logo for a survey Protective factors can be any number of things:

  • Mentoring programs
  • Family management tools
  • Public awareness campaigns
  • Educational and motivational speakers
  • Good citizen awards and other positive community reinforcement
  • and much, much more


About the Oak Harbor Youth Coalition

The Oak Harbor Youth Coalition is a group of volunteers from all walks of life. Our mission is to reduce the potential for substance abuse among local youth by addressing the unique needs of those in our community. Through the support of the Washington State Dept. of Social and Health Services and the Division of Behavioral Health & Recovery, the Oak Harbor Youth Coalition is a group of community leaders who gather from different sectors with the vision of working to promote stronger youth and healthier families by combating substance use and abuse. Additionally, they work with local schools and law enforcement groups on issues concerning the welfare needs of youth throughout the greater Oak Harbor community.

The OHYC also supports our schools financially, bringing in school-wide speakers or have them work directly with our student leadership groups. Additionally, they fund ASB with prizes for anti-bully, anti-drug efforts.