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Student Emails Are Changing

We have always prided ourselves on protecting student privacy, whether that’s in our schools or virtually. In an effort to automate student account creations, standardize student email accounts, and protect student data, we are changing student logins and email addresses on Tuesday, September 1.  

The new format for student Google accounts will be:

  • First five letters of the student’s last name, first three letters of the student’s first name and three digits starting with 000. (The digits increase by one to prevent duplication). 
  • The initial password for all student accounts will still be oak(lunch number). 

For example - John Smith
Password: oak12345

As of September 1, students’ current OHPS Google logins will no longer work.  To log in, they will need to use their new login and password.  No prior Google Drive files or emails will be lost in this process.