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Ready! For Kindergarten

Oak Harbor Schools is pleased to offer READY! for Kindergarten, a three-class program designed to educate parents on the importance of early childhood learning.  The FREE course shows parents and caregivers how children learn and develop and provides tools and activities for adults to work with that natural curiosity to nurture a child's learning. The FREE classes are for parents with children under the age of five and are offered throughout the school year.

Parents who sign up are encouraged to attend all three classes.  Each class includes toys, training, dinner, and childcare.   Children are born learning! They naturally love to explore and understand during their early years.   And since children aren't born with instruction manuals, the READY! for Kindergarten school readiness program provides one. 

Ready   2018-19 Schedule 
Session 1 - November 29
Session 2 - January 24
Session 3 - March 7

Create an account at READY! for Kindergarten and Register Online! 

Yes, it's really FREE to all parents who live in the Oak Harbor Public Schools boundaries. All of it. If you missed a class, you can still attend the second or third class.  First, you will attend an orientation to get an understanding of READY! and that's where you'll be issued a FREE READY! for Kindergarten notebook.  After the 30 minute orientation, families are invited to the cafeteria for a FREE dinner. During each class, instructors use videos and a researched based curriculum that teaches parents how to purposely play and interact with their child using toys.  Each toy used in a demonstration is then given to the parents....for FREE.  These are brand new never been opened toys that are age development appropriate.  Each class usually gives out 3-5 toys.  Did I forget to mention this was all FREE?

READY! for Kindergarten is open to all parents with children ages 0-5.  As long as your child is not in kindergarten, you qualify for this program. Make sure to register while space is available!
 Toys  Toys2  Toys4 Toys5  
 This is a small glimpse of the toys you'll be receiving while attending the course. 


Meet Tristy Nielsen, just one of our many great instructors.
The classes are taught by teachers from Oak Harbor Public Schools.  From kindergarten teachers to our Title 1 and Learning Assistance Program, we have a variety of teachers excited to work with parents to prepare their child for kindergarten.  There are five age groups.  You will be grouped with parents that have children starting kindergarten at the same time.  
Classes are designed to create a network of parents experiencing similar child development moments, allowing for our instructors to provide age-specific instruction.  The tools (toys) used by READY! are also age development appropriate, so your child will be purposely playing with toys that are appropriate for their age.  All of the instructions are research-based. The methods being taught by our trained instructors have proven data supporting their research and curriculum. 

During the three nights, child care is provided for each class.  We have constant adult supervision and also receive assistance from members of the Oak Harbor High School Key Club.  Your child is in great hands with our staff!
If you have a child under 12 months old, we invite you to take your child into class with you!
This is the easiest part!  To register, all you have to do is fill out this FORM and return it to the ASC or call Juliet Colter (360.279.5941) or Register Online by creating an account at READY! for Kindergarten!  If you still have questions, give us a call and we will be happy to assist.