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NWMS Welcomes the Class of 2025

Parent or Guardian of a 6th Grade Student:

Greetings from North Whidbey Middle School.  I can hardly believe that it is May, and we are getting ready to welcome a new cohort of students to NWMS.  The staff here is so excited to greet the class of 2025 (can you believe it?!?) to North Whidbey, where our mission is to prepare students for high school success!

Character is important thing that we develop at NWMS.  We celebrate Cougar PRIDE at North Whidbey, where PRIDE stands for Preparation, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Empathy.  Students can earn tokens and other recognition when they demonstrate PRIDE, and we reteach and redirect those who miss the mark.  Both staff and students support our school-wide culture of PRIDE, and we invite you join us.

Academics are also a major emphasis at NWMS.  We recognize that this is a critical time to help students who struggle with reading and basic math to learn these fundamental skills.  Middle school is also time to challenge more academically successful students so they are ready for more rigorous high school classes.  For all students, we emphasize the importance of study habits, doing quality work, and getting extra help when needed to better learn difficult material.  Our late work and re-do policies encourage students to turn in good work, even if it takes extra time or a second try.

Over the last month, counselors have been busy talking to Oak Harbor Intermediate counselors and teachers to place your student in classes for 7th grade.  Students will not have schedules available until Schedule Pick-Up Days in August.  Students will have 6 classes on their schedule, with four being core (language arts, math, science, and social studies), one being PE and health (one semester each), and then one additional elective, which may last a semester or all year.

Here are a couple of opportunities to see North Whidbey Middle School, learn about our programs, and ask some questions.


May 30                Family Open House and Information Session (6:00-7:15)
August 21-22    Schedule Confirmation and Pick-Up (8/21 8:00-2:00, 8/22 12:00-6:00)
August 22           Parent Information Night (6:00-7:00)
August 29          WEB Orientation (Time TBD)

On May 30, students and families will have an opportunity to walk around the school, see the hallways, and meet teachers.  There will be students to guide visitors around the building and answer questions.    

Look for more information on our website, and like our Facebook page (North Whidbey Middle School) to see what is going on at your new school.  This school year is quickly coming to an end, and encourage your student to finish 6th grade strong, so they can enter middle school feeling successful and ready to learn.




Bill Weinsheimer



2019 class2025 (PDF copy of the above Principal's letter for printing)