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    Coach Malia Turner attended Lynden High School where she played Varsity Tennis for four years.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Education in Chemistry from Eastern Washigton University.  She played intramural tennis, club tennis, and redshirted for a year on Eastern Washington University's collegiate tennis team.  Having the opportunity to share a passion, that isn't chemistry, with students outside the classroom is really exciting!

    Coach Turner emphasizes and believes success is only possible with a positive mental attitude.  As a teacher, she focuses on goal setting and is extending that same practice to tennis.  Tennis is often viewed as a very individual sport but she wants to focus on the team aspect and create a more fun and supportive/inclusive environment.

    Her end goal for players is lifelong tennis playing, resilience, and goal setting.

    Favorite Quote

    "Do or do not, there is no try."

    Assistant Coach

    JV Coach - Tino Gutierrez