Kindergarten Orientation FAQ

  • For more detailed information, please see our registration packet and kindergarten registration and department web pages.

    Where will my child attend school?

    • Almost all students attend school at their neighborhood school based on the student’s home address or by request to a different school
    • On some occasions, students may attend a school other than their neighborhood school for one of the following reasons:
      • Space and availability
      • Special program needs of the student (the program needed for a student may not be at their neighborhood school)
      • Parent makes a transfer request to attend at a different school

    When is the first day of school for kindergarten?

    • First day of kindergarten instruction is Tuesday, Sept. 10.
    • First three days of the school year are reserved for Parent-Teacher-Student conferences
    • Visit with our teachers and become more familiar with our school buildings

    When and where do I register my child for kindergarten?

    • Register your child starting Wednesday, April 24, from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (extra staff will be on hand) or any day after during regular office hours which are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    • Register at your neighborhood elementary school at the following locations:

    Broad View 473 SW Fairhaven Drive (360) 279-5250
    Crescent Harbor 330 E Crescent Harbor Road (360) 279-5650
    Hillcrest 1500 NW 2nd Avenue (360) 279-5200
    Oak Harbor 151 SE Midway Blvd. (360) 279-5100
    Olympic View 380 NE Regatta Drive (360) 279-5150  

    What should I bring to registration?

    • Birth Certificate
    • Verification of address
    • Completed registration packet
    • Immunization records
    • Medical information (health conditions, list of medications needed at school, etc.)

    Are there welcome to school events?

    • Watch your email and check school websites for “Welcome to School” events
    • Check U.S. mail in August for your letter with teacher assignment and conference time

    What’s the school schedule and calendar?

    • Mondays are “early release days” so the student schedule is 9:00 a.m. - 2:20 p.m.
    • Tuesday through Friday the student schedule is 9:00 a.m. - 3:20 p.m.
    • Kindergarten students have no school the first three days of the school year so teachers have time to meet and conference with every family
    • There are also days for parent-teacher conferences in October and March 

    What is the kindergarten readiness screening?

    • A series of activities to place students and make sure we’re meeting their needs
    • Sign-up for your time slot during registration:

    Broad View April 29 and May 6
    Crescent Harbor April 30 and May 1
    Hillcrest April 25 and April 30
    Oak Harbor April 30 and May 1
    Olympic View April 29-30

    • Each school offers at least two days of screening in April/May
    • Typically, 45 children are selected to attend a three-week “Jumpstart to Kindergarten” in August based on their screening results

    What are some of the special programs offered?

    • Reading & math assistance
    • Special Education
    • Speech & language assistance
    • Occupational & physical therapy
    • Social & emotional assistance
    • English Language Learners
    • Highly Capable Learners

    What health support and services are available?

    • At least six nurses are assigned to various schools in the school district
      • Medication, treatment, emergency care & first aid
      • Work specifically with life-threatening conditions
      • Track and assist with required immunizations
      • Provide screening for vision & hearing 

    What food service options are available?

    • Breakfast & Hot Lunch Programs (Milk-only available)
    • Free & reduced meals are provided for students who qualify based on family income
    • Online food service accounts allow families to:
      • View each student's account information
      • Make online meal payments
    • Credit/debit cards are accepted online or in school offices
    • Complete menus and detailed nutritional information for all items on our app

    How is transportation handled?

    • Bus tags are given to students to assist with appropriate tracking
    • Bus routes are also provided on our mobile app and “Infofinder” system - visit and click on “Bus Routes” under Quick Links on our homepage (updated in late August)
    • Safe walking zones are within one mile of the school and no bus transportation is provided
    • Multiple cameras on all buses for student safety

    What are some kindergarten readiness activities I can do with my child?

    • Counting: count stairs, food items, toys
    • Shapes & Patterns: identify in your house, in the car; sorting silverware, blocks; do puzzles
    • Play with Language: nursery rhymes, name things that are opposites, play guessing games
    • Reading: read daily with your child, have your child retell you a story, ask questions

    What are some helpful habits that will help my child at school?

    • Listening Following directions, waiting for turn to speak
    • Stick to a schedule Bedtime, mealtimes
    • Social Activities Get along with others, sharing, playing in groups
    • Responsibility Accomplish tasks, household chores
    • Independence Dressing – practice snaps, buttons, zippers, using the bathroom 

    What advice do you have for parents about getting involved?

    • Join the PTA
    • Attend school events and activities
    • Get to know your child’s teacher
    • Volunteer to help out at school (ask for a volunteer form)
    • Always contact your child’s teacher or principal if you have questions or concerns
    • Connect and interact with us through social media
    • Make sure we have your cell number for ease of contact and for emergency text messages 

    How do I contact my school’s principal?

    Broad View: Jenny Hunt, (360) 279-5250
    Crescent Harbor: Kate Valenzuela, (360) 279-5650
    Hillcrest: Paula Seaman, (360) 279-5200
    Oak Harbor: Dorothy Day, (360) 279-5100
    Olympic View: Laura Aesoph, (360) 279-5150

    How can I stay connected?


    Call us anytime at 360-279-5000. We’re happy to help!