• Oak Harbor Intermediate 2017-2018
    Dear Parents:

    One of my primary goals as a physical educator is to teach every child – from the physically gifted to the physically challenged – how and why they should keep themselves healthy and fit throughout their lifetime.  In my physical education program, I provide learning experiences, which are developmentally appropriate that will teach children how to be physically active in ways that increase physical competence, self-esteem and joy through lifelong physical activity.  All grade levels will receive instruction and participate in activities emphasizing the following skills and concepts:
    • Health related- heart health, exercise knowledge, nutrition, personal hygiene and safety.
    • Fitness related- appropriate warm-ups and cool downs, exercise routines to develop aerobic fitness and muscular strength, flexibility and stretching exercises, use of heart rate monitors to teach target heart rate and fitness evaluations.
    • Skills related- throwing, catching, kicking, dribbling, striking, volleying, jumping, landing, rolling, transfer of weight, balancing, rhythmical and locomotor movements to music, exploratory movement, problem solving, chasing, fleeing and dodging activities.
    • Relationships related- teamwork, partner work, individual work, sportsmanship, team and small group cooperation, group strategies, goals, acceptance of other students’ abilities and demonstrating patience.
     I am looking forward to a great year in P.E.  Here are some of my expectations for your child for the 2017-2018 school year:
    1. Participate at your highest level by doing your best to improve on your skills,improve fitness levels and demonstrate cooperation with others.
    2. Bring to P.E. your best positive attitude about working with others, learning new skills and concepts and having fun.
    3. Be accountable for the skills you learn by demonstrating your ability during assessment days.
    4. Show me good citizenship based on appropriate choices for your behavior. Follow class rules and wear appropriate shoes and clothing to get the most out of your learning experience in P.E.

    If you have any questions or comments please feel free to call me at 279-5359.  By working together to encourage fitness, I am certain we will be able to help your child enjoy a lifetime of physical activity.

    Thank you for your support!

    Justin Ronning NBCT, Physical Education Teacher