• Father reading book to young son

    Where students and families come together

    Hand-in-Hand Early Learning Center is a partnership school coordinated by Oak Harbor Public Schools and Oak Harbor Head Start.  Our staff pride themselves on creating a learning environment where young students, with the support of their families, can thrive. 

    All classes provide developmentally appropriate activities, materials and equipment in an effort to meet the needs of the children.  Our programs focus on the following areas:

    • Social/emotional
    • Self-help
    • Fine and gross motor skills
    • Cognition (thinking and learning)
    • Early literacy
    • Communication
    We also offer services for speech and language, and physical therapy/occupational therapy for eligible students. Find out if your child qualifies for free preschool services.



    Looking For Foster Parents
    Every school year, children in our community enter the foster care system.  The critical shortage of homes means that children who are entering foster care are rarely able to stay in their original school or district.  As a result, children do not only lose their families but also their friends, teachers, and counselors.  Can you help?  Interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent?  Please contact Christina Urtasun at christina-urtasun@olivecrest.org or Fostering Together.org.