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    Dear Students and Families,
    I teach 9th Grade English, American Literature, and Literature in the Dark. I am so proud to be a staff member at Oak Harbor High School. I strive to encourage every student to do their best and I enjoy being a part of their educational journey. I promote positivity in the classroom on a daily basis and encourage an atmosphere of sharing and caring about one another.
    If you have a question or concerns regarding your student, I am readily available by email and telephone. The best contact hours would be from 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. during the workweek; however, emails over the weekend may be responded to as well.

    9th Grade English - students will be exposed to many concepts within language arts, helping to not only succeed in the English classroom but outside as well. Students will also learn of various historical and cultural perspectives such as The Great Depression with Of Mice and Men, and the Elizabethan Era for Romeo and Juliet. 
    American Literature - students taking this class will progress as readers and writers but the biggest focus will be coverage of American writing, chronologically throughout history. We start with Native American storytelling and finish with modernism.
    Literature in the Dark-students will analyze films, incorporating techniques used when analyzing text. Students will look for different text elements within film including setting, symbolism, irony, characterization, and focalization. 

    Mrs. Webb


    English 9
    American Literature
    Literature in the Dark
Kimberly Webb


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