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    my artistic philosophy

    Visual art, in my opinion, serves three purposes: communication, critical thinking and aesthetics.
    Within the umbrella of communication is expression (emotional or otherwise), and aesthetics refers to whatever one assigns the classification of "beautiful" to. Critical thinking is any creative problem solving that needs to be accomplished to create something from nothing, and to be innovative. Critical thinking speaks for itself, I think.
    There is no 'only' way to approach creation of visual communication artifacts, just as there is no 'only' way to verbally communicate an idea. There are many languages, made of many sounds, which in turn are visually communicated using many marks and symbols. So, then, are there many ways to visually communicate an idea, or observation of the natural world, and many mediums, or 'what one makes art from', with which to communicate those ideas.
    The solving of a 'creative problem' is the 'creation' of all works of art, from the visual, to the aural (heard), to the performed, and every other idea that has been 'created' out of nothing. The ability to harness this gift that we all possess, but don't all exercise, is the key to self-sufficiency, self-control, and to meaningful, mature dialogue with others.
    The arts, unlike any other subject, require the practitioner to exercise the higher classifications of Bloom's Taxonomy, which is a methodology used to classify higher order thinking.
    We all learn through observation and imitation, which is necessary to develop our interests, but is only the beginning, in the arts. The solving of the creative problem and the communication of those ideas is the domain of the 'fine' artist, and what we strive for. 
    So, as you scratch your head, toiling over that original idea, just remember that you are ultimately working towards developing something much greater; that it is not 'just a picture' or 'just a song' or 'just a skit'. It is your voice, and your ability to speak with clarity and confidence, as you contribute your ideas to a vast, complex, and beautiful world. 
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