Bus Routes

  • The following are some reminders to help things go smoothly at the beginning of the year:
    1. Transportation asks you to have your child ride the bus for both the morning and afternoon bus runs.  There is much less confusion getting home when the driver and child recognize each other.
    2. If you plan to escort your child to school on the first day, an option is to follow the bus and meet them at the school.
    3. The bus zone will be in front of the school. No parking is allowed in the bus loading zone. 
    4. Please do not drop off or pick up students in the bus zone.  Students in line for the bus
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    Remember, actual arrival times may vary drastically in the first few days of school.  Throughout the year, buses can be a little early or a little late depending on weather and traffic. Please be at the bus stop 5 minutes early.
    If you are picking up your child from the bus line, you must check-in at the office and receive a student release note. Please show this note to the instructional assistants supervising the bus lines when you go to pick up your child.
    For the first two weeks of school it is normal for the buses to run 5-10 minutes late in the morning and 10-20 minutes late in the afternoon. Please be patient as our competent bus drivers transfer students at other elementary schools and learn their new bus stops. 
    For more information about busing, please click here.