Freshman Islands

  • Our freshmen transition program, otherwise known as “The Island Program”, has exciting activities for students throughout the year.  It is designed to ensure the smooth transition from middle school to the more rigorous high school environment.  We have a pirate theme where students will be a member of one of the following islands: Battleship Island, Castle Island, Skull Island, Justice Island, and Fortress Island.  Our goal is to generate a positive learning community among 9th grade students while providing a strong sense of support by parents, teachers, other staff and the Oak Harbor community.

    Two centered female students listing to a presentation. One is wearing a jean jacket the other a pink shirt.

    Events and Competitions

    Some of our spirit activities include dress up competition days like: Pirate Day, Island badge or t-shirt day.  We also collect and organize donations for local charities.  Points are awarded and the island with the most points at the end of each semester will receive a two-hour block to celebrate the achievement. 

    Visit the high school calendar for upcoming events.

    Link Crew

    The Link Crew program is all about “Students Helping Students Succeed.”  In this club, upperclassmen Link Leaders run the Freshmen Orientation program in order to welcome the new students and provide a smooth transition to high school.  They are “linked’ to these freshmen all year.  Additionally, Link Crew Leaders will be trained to facilitate classroom advisory lessons for freshmen throughout the year.  This is a great opportunity for juniors and seniors to gain leadership skills and to give back to their high school.

    Island Spotlight

    Shipmates of the Month is our student recognition program.  Island teachers select students for growth in social, emotional, leadership, and/or academic areas.  Student names are published in the month edition of Wildcat News.
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