Student Parking

  • The safety of students, staff and their property are the primary reasons for our parking lot regulations.  All students, grades 10 thru 12 must register their vehicles and purchase a parking pass from the Cashier's office.

    Display your parking pass in your vehicle in the front windshield.  Passes must be visible from the outside.  You may transfer it from vehicle to vehicle as long as each vehicle is registered with the school, and belongs to a family member.  You are responsible for your registered vehicle and are liable for any damages or sanctions caused by the operation of that vehicle, whether or not you are the driver.  You are also responsible for anything inside your vehicle while it is on school property.  Students should only park in the student lot and will be ticketed if parked in a staff lot.

    Students will need to clear their fines before they can purchase a parking permit.

    Students that pay online need to submit the parking paperwork and pick up their permit to park in the student lot.

    2019-2020 Parking Information

    • All parking applications should be submitted to the Cashier's office or the Parking office.
    • Students will be able to pick up their Parking Permit and submit parking applications in the SUB the first 7 days of school, before school and during both lunches.
    • Any students needing to get a permit after September 16 can see the Parking office in A156 across from the Counseling Center.

    How many 2019-2020 parking passes are available?

    Underclassman lot Spaces Available: 0  
    Senior lot Spaces Available: 6  
    Running Start Spaces Available: 11  
    * Seniors need 18 credits to purchase Senior Parking.


  • Denise Plessis

    Denise Plessis


    Apply for a Parking Pass

    1. Fill out a Parking Permit Form
    2. Print and sign
    3. Pay parking fee to the Cashier's Office
           Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
    4. Bring form to Parking Officer, A156