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    Dear Students and Families,

    I teach a variety of Woodworking classes and Construction at Oak Harbor High School.  I have been teaching at OHHS since 2010 and really enjoy what I do.

    The first Woodworking class you would take is “Wood Technology”.  This class introduces you to the processes of woodworking with the equipment and machines we have.  In the process, you build a two-step step stool.  After Wood Technology, you could take one or all of the following classes.  “Cabinetry”, yep, you guessed it we build a cabinet, complete with panel doors and a drawer.  “Instrument Building”, you walk in with your Wood Technology knowledge and you walk out with a stringed instrument!  A strum stick (a mix of an Appalachian Dulcimer and a Guitar).  All built and designed by you.  Lastly, “Boxes and Special Joinery”, build “bandsaw boxes” and other keepsake style boxes with special joinery like dovetail joints, or finger joints, or splined miter joints, or even something you design with mortise and tenon joints.  You can take these three in any order or even retake them for credit.

    Construction is a full-year class (three trimesters, 1.5 credits).  You will learn and experience many of the sub-trades in the field of construction.  Upon successful completion of the full year, you would be considered “ready to enter the industry”.  You would have a good working knowledge of the trades and be able to interview well for a good-paying job or be ready to enter a union apprenticeship program.


    Mr. deleuze
    (pronounced “da lures”)


    Wood Technology
    (syllabus being developed)

    Instrument Building
    (syllabus being developed) 

    Boxes and Special Joinery
    (syllabus being developed) 

Marc deLeuze


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    Western Washington University
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