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    Dear Students and Families,
    I teach Biology, Oceanography, and Marine Biology. Students in Biology learn about living systems such as the cell, organisms, and populations.  First semester is focused on cellular processes and DNA.  Second semester is focused on inheritance, ecology, and how populations change over time.
    Students in Oceanography learn earth science, physics, and chemistry concepts as they apply to Earth's oceans.  First quarter focuses on chemistry and the formation of the ocean environment.  Second quarter focuses of the oceans' interactions with the atmosphere and human impact.
    Students in Marine Biology learn about organisms in the ocean and marine ecology.  First quarter focuses on zoology (invertebrates and vertebrates) and the second quarter focuses on marine habitats and interactions between organisms.
    All of the assignments and important dates can be accessed by students using Google Classroom.  Some assignments are submitted electronically using Google Classroom, and others can be printed using the links found in Google Classroom.  You must be logged in to your school Google account to access these resources.  Parents can request regular updates from Google Classroom. If you are interested in regular updates, please email me with that request.  I will then send you instructions from Google on how to sign up.
    If you were absent, please access the Google Classroom to see what you missed before coming to class.  If you need internet access, you can use one of my devices or the library computers before school.
    Ms. Templin
    Marine Biology


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    Ms. Sarah Templin


    Office Hours (Tutoring)
    Wednesdays - Fridays
    2:35 - 3:30 pm
    Skagit Valley College
    Associate of Arts, University and College Transfer
    The Evergreen State College
    Bachelor of Science, Marine Science
    California State University Long Beach
    Post Baccalaureate Secondary Science Teaching Credential, Biology