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    It is gratifying each year to take on the challenge to motivate students to believe they can achieve-then help them do it.  Each year brings a new set of minds to encourage in finding their way.  It is a joy to see all the light bulbs go on.  The diversity of our student population brings new insights and experiences to each one of us.

    Learning to be a critical thinker is the single most important skill higher education makes possible.  To that end, students in my class can expect numerous opportunities to further strengthen their critical thinking, reading and writing skills; while learning salient content.  As students actively engage in the process, they have the opportunity to analyze then accept or reject the common wisdom with an expanded world view.

    In American Literature, students investigate how the American ethos has developed.
    English 10 and English 10 AP Prep afford students opportunities to advance their critical thinking skills over a wide selection of reading and writing venues and push themselves forward with a rigorous reading/writing program.
    COE rewards the hard working individual with the satisfaction of finishing a difficult task.
    Modern World Literature opens the pages of historical literature that shaped our world.  Students delve into the past to make connections to events and individuals who shape our today.
    History classes are the glue that binds our past to our future.

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