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    Welcome to  U.S. History.  You have chosen to take a demanding, survey course in U.S. History.  A lot will be expected of you in this course.  You must learn to do history, just like you do math or science.  You will read the entire textbook as well as numerous primary and secondary resource materials.  You will be expected to analyze, synthesize, and reach conclusions.  You will be expected to fully and firmly support those conclusions, both orally and in writing.  You will be expected to do more than memorize names, dates, and facts.  You will use the factual information to construct a meaningful “larger” picture.  The course will follow a chronological path but some topics or issues will bridge and overlap chronological periods for their political, economic, and social perspective.  You will look at trends and cycles over time.  The course is meant to challenge your thinking about the history of this nation.

    • The goals for this class begin with my hope that you will have a greater appreciation and love for American history by the end of the year.
    • That this course will be rigorous and prepare you to be more successful in college and in your career, meaning it will demand something of you.
    • That you will grow in your understanding of viewing the United States today through the lens of a historian.
    Why do we learn history?
    • To understand current events.
    • To make informed decisions about the future.
    • It’s interesting!
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