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    Dear Students and Families,

    Hello my name is Mrs. Stuurmans.  I am excited to say I have been working here at Oak Harbor High School since 2017 in the Physical Education and Health Department.  My overarching theme and purpose of teaching fitness and health is to help teens master motor skills, make wise lifelong choices, and have healthy responses to issues in life!

    My goals in teaching Fitness and Health are to empower students to choose an "I will" attitude in making healthy, wise life choices.  

    Many circumstances are beyond a teen's control, but they can control their response to those events.  They have the POWER to make positive choices and find success in life, even in the face of overcoming personal hardships or peer pressures.  They can master these skills.

    Life is 10% what happens
    and 90% how I react to it...        
    we are in charge of our attitudes.

    -Chuck Swindoll

    Mrs. Stuurmans


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