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    Attendance/Records Information:

    Phone line: (360) 279-5303


    Fax:  (360) 279-5364

     Karina Hoppock
    Attendance Secretary and Registrar
    Office: 360.279.5303
    Fax: 360.279.5364

     Please contact the attendance secretary if your child will not be in school or will be late that day. A note must be turned in to excuse the absence within 48 hours of their return.

    Excused absence

    • Participation in school-approved activity.
    • Absence due to illness, health condition, or family emergency.
    • Absence resulting from disciplinary actions or short-term suspension.
    • Extended illness or health condition.
    • Excused absence for chronic health condition.

    Situations may arise where a parent would like to remove their child from school for an activity or circumstance not listed above.  In such cases, the absence will be excused if the student gains prior approval by the principal or designee.  The principal or designee shall not excuse an absence that has a serious adverse effect on the student's educational progress.  If you anticipate a lengthy absence for medical reasons, please provide the school with a note from your doctor.

    Unexcused absence

    • No parent/guardian note.
    • Submitting a signed excuse which does not constitute an excused absence as defined above.
    • Not submitting any type of excuse statement signed by the parent within 48 hours after their child returns to school from an absence.  

    Excuse notes must include

    • Date(s) of the absence(s).
    • Student's full name.
    • The reason for the absence.
    • A parent/guardian signature and the current date.

    Planned or extended absence

    If you know ahead of time that your child will be out of school, you may request homework.  Please communicate 3 days in advance which includes your child's full name, the dates they will be absent and the reason for the absence to the attendance office.  

    Homework during an absence

    Homework may be requested after your child has been absent for two or more consecutive days.  When calling the attendance line, please indicate that this is the second day of absence and that you would like to request homework.  This has to be done before 10:00 a.m. to allow the teachers time to gather the work together.  It will be in the attendance office and ready for pick up after 3 p.m.

    Most teachers post work on their web sites.  Please check for the most current information or you may also e-mail the teachers directly.

    Early pick up within 10 minutes prior to the dismissal bell ringing

    Due to the multiple activities at the end of the school day, we are not able to call students from class for early pick up within 10 minutes prior to the dismissal bell ringing.  If you have an emergency requiring picking up your student within 10 minutes of dismissal, please see the front office.