• Cadesha Pacquette, Library Assistant
     Cadesha Pacquette, Library Assistant
    Welcome to the Oak Harbor Intermediate library. 
    At OHI, you will learn to: 

        *Choose, read, and appreciate books of different genres.

        *Find books and information more independently.

        *Use a strategy to find the best resources.

        *Answer research questions with reliable information

        *Determine how to know which information is reliable

        *Give credit to authors, illustrators, and photographers in your projects

        *Explore cultures at home and around the world

        *Create projects that communicate your learning.


    Library Rules


    Respect people & property in the library.  Disrespectful people who interrupt learning or disregard others will be asked to leave. The library is open for learning throughout the day. If you choose to use the library during your free time, remember the purpose of the library. No food, gum, candy or drinks in the library.

    Passes are required during the school day. You must have a pass from your teacher to come to the library.
    Open hours are 8:30 am - 2:50 pm.

    Book Check Out
    You may check out two books for two weeks. One renewal is allowed on each book, if needed. You should be able to finish a book in one month. To renew, bring the book to the library so we can scan it for you and increase your time for reading by two more weeks.

    Lost or Damaged Books
    Tell library staff if you lose or damage a book. You must pay the replacement cost of the book or you may bring a book of the same title and type of binding that you have purchased online. Refunds for returned books that you already paid for will be paid to parents if the book has not already been reordered when the book is finally returned in good condition, within the same school year. Generally, books are replaced in January and May.

    You may bring your chromebook to the library for school learning purposes, however personal electronic devices (cell phones, games, etc.) are not allowed in the Library. Games, texting, social networking (FB, TicTok, etc.), YouTube and other entertainments are not acceptable in the library. Headphones are permissible unless your class is supposed to be listening to instruction.

    Computer Use
    The library has a few computers for you to use to look up materials.  School computers are for school appropriate work only. Specifically, pornography, weapons, profanity, sexual content, drugs, or other inappropriate content is prohibited by school board policy. Inappropriate use of school chromebooks or computers will result in restricted privileges. Refer to your school handbook for more detail.


    If your teacher requests that you print an assignment to turn in, you may use a computer in the library to print a few pages. Always ask the library staff before printing. 

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  • Librarian:
    Ms. Mikos
    Mrs. Mikos, Librarian