• Library 1
    Welcome to the Oak Harbor Intermediate library.
    The mission of our school is to educate each student to value learning and achieve personal and academic success.
    The mission of OHI Library is to ensure that students effectively use and produce ideas and information.
    Students will:
    • Select, read, and appreciate books of different genres.
    • Locate information increasingly independently.
    • Select and access information strategically.
    • Use information to solve research problems.
    • Discriminate as media consumers.
    • Use information ethically.
    • Create products that communicate their learning.

    1. Respect
      Respect people and property in the library at all times. Disrespectful people who interrupt learning or disregard others will be asked to leave. The library is open for learning throughout the day. If you choose to use the library during your free time, remember the purpose of the library. No food, gum, candy or drinks in the library.
    2. Procedures
      Passes are required during the school day. Your AR Goal Planning Sheet is your pass during language arts
      class only. Passes are not required before or after school or at lunchtime. Open hours are 7:30 am - 1:30 pm on Mondays, and 7:30 am - 3:00 pm Tuesday-Friday.
    3. Book Check Out
      Check out period is two weeks. To renew a book, bring it to the library desk to be scanned and re-stamped with the new date. You may check out up to 5 books, but check out only what you truly plan to read/use.
    4. Lost or Damaged Books
      Tell library staff if you have lost or damaged a book. You must pay the replacement cost of the book plus 20% per district policy, which covers tax, shipping, etc. Refunds for lost books will be paid to parents if the book has not already been reordered when the book is finally returned in good condition, within the same school year. Generally, books are replaced in January and May.
    5. Electronic Devices
      Personal electronic devices are allowed in the Library for learning purposes only. Games, texting, social networking (FB, etc.), YouTube and other entertainments are not acceptable in the library. Headphones are also permissible unless your class is being instructed.
    6. Computer Use
      All students have a computer profile to use at OHI for school work. All items saved and accessed while on school computers must be school appropriate. Specifically, pornography, weapons, profanity, sexual content, drugs, or other inappropriate content is prohibited by school board policy. Inappropriate use of school computers will result in a loss of computer privilege. Refer to your school handbook for more detail.

    Library 2


  • Librarian:
    Ms. Mikos
    Librarian holding books