2021 Halloween Costume Guideline

  • Dear Oak Harbor Intermediate Families,

    As we wind closer to Halloween, I want to let you know that students will be allowed to wear their costumes on October 29th. Below are the expectations we have to make sure that everyone will be dressing appropriately. 

    1. If you don’t want to or can’t come in a costume, come wearing school colors!
    2. Be certain that your costume covers the areas that need to be covered based on our dress code in the student handbook.
    3. If a hat is part of the outfit, you will be allowed to wear it during school. However, if you are asked to remove your hat in any class, you will need to do so.
    4. Because your face must always be visible and recognizable, no masks or make-up are allowed. Students who come with make-up on will be asked to wash it off.
    5. Avoid scary and gross costumes. That means blood, depictions of violence, weapons, etc.!
    6. We will be conducting classes, as usual, so you must be able to sit in your seat and move about the school (in halls, classes, cafeteria, bus, and gym) without bumping into others or obscuring their view.  In other words, your costume cannot interfere with learning.
    7. You are still required to participate in P.E.
    8. Leave accessory items at home. We cannot be responsible for them.
    9. Fake weapons and spray bottles need to be left at home.
    10. Finally, any student wearing an outfit that is deemed to be inappropriate will be asked to change prior to being allowed back into classes.
    11. No Inflatable costumes

    Thank you and I can't wait to see how everyone is dressed! Please feel free to reach out to us with questions or concerns by contacting our main line at 360.279.5300.

Food/Treats Policy


    Several of our children suffer from severe &/or life-threatening food allergies. In addition, we have COVID-19 restrictions in place this school year that prevents us from sharing food. Food treats for celebrations will not be accepted or distributed. You may consider fancy pencils, erasers, or similar if you would like for your child to share something with the class. Thank you in advance for your understanding and thoughtfulness toward all our students.