• Hello future actors and singers!  I am extremely excited to work with your child and family this upcoming year.   My name is Rain Davidson and I will be your child’s 7/8th grade Drama/Choir teacher.  I have a lot of exciting activities planned and look forward to involving your child in musical events, field trips, and performances!


    I believe that each student in my classroom is a unique, talented, and incredible individual.  I foster very open communication in my classroom and encourage students to participate in class lessons and activities. In choir, everyone sings everything together at all times, to foster community and help students not to feel self conscious. Solo opportunities are given to students that volunteer. In drama, students are given 3 "participation passes" they may use throughout the trimester to skip games or activities if they feel uncomfortable. Generally, students have a blast with drama games and almost never use the passes.

    Thanks so much for joining NWMS Choir/Drama, I can't wait to work with you and create some amazing art!