Ms. Rome

  • Hi families,
    I’m Ms. Rome and I teach 5th grade STEM here at OHI. I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from University of Central Florida in 2018. I then decided to make the big move to Whidbey Island in 2020. I have really enjoyed the move here and I am so happy to call this island my new home. 
    In my classroom, I believe in high standards being held for all of my students. Every student has potential to be successful academically, but also socially and emotionally. Our classroom utilizes a growth mindset approach, hands on learning, small groups, and discussions of current events and pop culture. As a math and science educator, I know I have one subject that can be daunting and another subject that can be exciting. Many of us have anxious feelings towards math, as did I as a student. I take these feelings into account when I am teaching and work with our students to meet them where they are at and provide appropriate challenges when they’re ready. My biggest goals in my classroom are to have fun, be safe, and create lifelong learners. 
    Please reach out to me via email at
    Thank you, 
    Ms. Rome