Network Accounts

    All students have an assigned Google Account. Library staff are available to help all students with network account access and related issues.
    Network Use
    The district network includes wired and wireless devices and peripheral equipment, files and storage, e-mail and Internet content (blogs, websites, collaboration software, social networking sites, wikis, etc.).  The district reserves the right to prioritize the use of, and access to, the network.
    All use of the network must support education and research and be consistent with the mission of the district.
    Acceptable network use by students and staff include:

       A. Creation of files, digital projects, videos, web pages and podcasts using network resources in support of education and research;
       B. Participation in blogs, wikis, bulletin boards, social networking sites and groups and the creation of content for podcasts, e-mail   and web pages that support education and research;
       C. With parental permission, the online publication of original educational material, curriculum related materials and student work. Sources outside the classroom or school must be cited appropriately;
       D. Staff use of the network for incidental personal use in accordance with all district policies and procedures; or
       E. Connection of personal electronic devices (wired or wireless) including portable devices with network capabilities to the district network after checking with the Information Services Department to confirm that the device is equipped with current virus software, compatible network capabilities and is configured properly.  Connection of any personal electronic device is subject to all procedures in this document.

    Unacceptable network use by district students and staff includes but is not limited to:
       A. Personal gain, commercial solicitation and compensation of any kind;

       B. Actions that result in liability or cost incurred by the district;
       C. Downloading, installing and use of games, audio files, video files, games or other applications (including shareware or freeware) without a clear educational purpose or objective in support of district business;
       D. Support for or opposition to ballot measures, candidates and any other political activity;
       E. Hacking, cracking, vandalizing, the introduction of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, time bombs and changes to hardware, software and monitoring tools;
       F. Unauthorized access to other district computers, networks and information systems;
       G. Cyberbullying, hate mail, defamation, harassment of any kind, discriminatory or lewd jokes and remarks;
       H. Information posted, sent or stored online that could endanger others (e.g., bomb construction, drug manufacturing);
       I. Accessing, uploading, downloading, storage and distribution of obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit material;
       J. Any other illegal activity; or

       K. Attaching unauthorized devices to the district network. Any such device will be confiscated and disciplinary action may be taken.
    The district is not responsible for any damages suffered by any user, including but not limited to, loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, misdeliveries, or service interruptions caused by his/her own negligence or any other errors or omissions.  The district is not responsible for unauthorized financial obligations resulting from the use of, or access to, the district’s computer network or the Internet.
    Oak Harbor School District Board Policy 2022P