Mr. Kendall Parrett

  • Dear Parents and Guardians, 


    I wanted to say welcome to my classroom! I am very excited and eager to share my passion for music with your students this upcoming school year. I believe that it is important that students are learning the values of what it means to be a true citizen and productive member of society at a young age. As their Music teacher, I would help them bring those values by encouraging leadership roles, communication skills, and teamwork in my classroom. My curriculum draws from a wide range of rich diverse studies, so the students are prepared to go into the next phase of their learning when they leave Crescent Harbor. 

    About myself, my musical interests include genres such as Indie, Jazz, Classical, Rock and Roll, and much more. My wife and I flew to Norway on our Honeymoon to see a Gospel Rock Artist on Tour and U.K. Jazz Artist that we both liked in the same week! 

    Being a graduate of Eastern Washington University, moving to the Oak Harbor area brings with it a new sense of adventure and excitement for me, and I am ready to meet and create a positive learning environment for the students at Crescent Harbor! Feel free to reach out and ask me any questions about what your child is learning in the music room. 

    Yours Truly,

    Mr. Parrett
    CHE Music Specialist


    Music for all ages


  • Kendall Parrett

    Mr. Kendall Parrett
    Music Teacher
    Office Hours
    Any afternoon after school dismissal 
    Bachelor of Music Education,
    Eastern Washington University