• Welcome to Oak Harbor High School!

    We're glad you're here. 

    Registering a new student is as easy as . . .

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    Just follow the instructions and enroll your 9th - 12th grade student at Oak Harbor High School.

    1. Complete the packet

    Fill out the Registration Packet.

    Gather the following information:
    •     A copy of their immunizations
    •     An unofficial transcript or report card for incoming freshmen
    •     Students with an IEP will need a copy of their most current evaluation and a copy of the most current IEP
    •     Students on a 504 plan will need a copy of the most current 504

    2. Turn it in

    Turn in your paperwork.  You may:
    1. Submit at the District Office between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.
                Oak Harbor Public Schools
                350 S Oak Harbor Street
                Oak Harbor, WA. 98277
    2. Email to Cheryl Jasman, Oak Harbor High School Counseling Secretary.
    3. Fax to 360.279.5791.

    3. Meet with Us
    We will contact you to schedule a registration appointment.
    Be sure to view our Course Guides and consider which courses you're interested in.
    Items to bring to the new registration appointment:
    •     Birth certificate or other proof of age
    •     Address verification: i.e., current utility bill, lease agreement, mortgage statement or public agency document (DSHS)
    •     Court documents regarding custody arrangements (Adoption Decree, Parenting Plan, legal name changes, or other matters)
    •     Students wishing to participate in a fall sport will need a copy of their most current physical
    Any questions may be directed to Cheryl Jasman at 360.279.5717.

    2019-2020 OHHS Registration

    2019-2020 Registration Packet (OHHS only)


    Existing Student Registration

    Online Registration

    Current Oak Harbor High School students and incoming freshmen from the district’s middle school begin the process of registering for the next school year in February by submitting their course requests.  Online Registration to select actual classes takes place at the end of April/early May.  Instructions for students to complete the online Course Requests and Registration processes are handed out in Advisory class and posted online as they become available.  Parents and students are encouraged to attend the various information nights scheduled in early February (see the online calendar). 
    Students with an IEP (Special Education)

    Each spring a schedule will be designed for your student based on graduation requirements and career goals.  Online scheduling will be done by the student's IEP manager.  If there are specific concerns, your student's IEP manager will contact you before making final decisions.  Please disregard any phone calls or letters telling you to pre-register your student.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your student's IEP manager.