Ms. Christy Kiansten

  • Dear Students and Families,

    I am excited to be supporting and teaching English Language Learners at both Middle and Intermediate Schools in Oak Harbor. My job is to help students acquire and apply English Language skills academically and socially.  I have worked with English Language Learners of all ages from grade school to university.  I enjoy languages and travel and have either studied or worked in France, Japan, Finland, and Italy.  My linguistic and international experiences gave me the desire to help students culturally adapt and learn the language as they move to a new country.

    In class, we focus on perfecting English skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  Also, I do my best to support students with mainstream classwork and communication with teachers.  Please contact me with any questions at

    All the best,

    Ms. Kiansten



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    Ms. Christy Kiansten
    ELL Teacher

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    Bachelor of Arts in French and International Business
    Washington State University
    Master of Arts in Teaching Language (English and French)
    School for International Training