Learning Resources

  • Homework

    Literacy homework will have two main parts:
    1. Daily Reading: at least 30 minutes every day
    2. Weekly Vocabulary/Spelling: A new list of about 15 words from all subject areas, including math and science, will go home every Monday. Students will write one sentence for each word, then turn it in on Friday. On Fridays, students will take a short spelling test on these words.

    There will be time in class each week to work on vocabulary homework. However, reviewing words at home will greatly increase your child's ability to memorize and understand the terms. Making a weekly at-home study routine to support this vocabulary learning is an excellent idea.


    Grades are a communication tool to students and families about each student's mastery of what we are learning. Students are encouraged to redo assignments that don't meet standard and have up two weeks to do so. The general grading scale is as follows:
    A 100-90
    B 89-80
    C 79-70
    D 69-60
    F 59-50


    Students are expected to follow all school rules in my classroom, as well as when they visit other areas of the building. At OHI, we have the 3 R’s - Respect, Responsibility and Ready. We will develop a “Class Constitution” at the beginning of the year as our guide of how we will work together this year. I believe students' social and emotional growth is important. Please feel free to contact me if there is a way for me to better support your student’s social and emotional needs.