Mr. Jeffry Wagner

  • Dear Students and Families,

    It is with great excitement that I continue with my 3rd year of teaching at Oak Harbor Intermediate school.

    I look forward to learning and growing along with my students! I believe very strongly in concepts of equity and keeping a growth mindset. I believe that everyone is able to learn and grow when given encouragement and proper support. It is my goal this year to promote a classroom where students are free to learn and pursue their own passions while reaching for excellence.

    5th grade is an important year for building on the fundamentals of reading and writing that students learned elementary school. In ELA we will develop more complex writing skills as we create a narrative, informational, and opinion piece. We'll be reading across genres (fiction, non-fiction of all kinds, and poetry) and fine-tuning our reading and critical thinking skills. In Social Studies we will be studying American History through the American Revolution. This includes the framework of our government, early migration to the Americas, European Explorers, early settlements in the U.S., slavery, the colonial era, and the fight for independence. Simulations and daily activities will make history feel relevant and engaging as we learn.

    Please contact me at any time with questions or concerns. I value your input and feedback.

    I look forward to a fun and meaningful year!

    Mr. Wagner

    "My Why" Statement: (or the reason why I do what I do)

    I teach because I believe that every student has unlimited intrinsic and extrinsic value.  Students are the future of this world and I want to help our kids find a path in life that will be a benefit to our society and that will allow them to find joy and purpose for themselves.

    I love working with kids and seeing their eyes light up when they find something that excites them.  Few things are as wonderful as seeing a new world of opportunities open up in a child’s mind.  I believe that the main thing that can hold a student back from their full potential is the belief that what they see is all there is.  I want to teach students how to build a vision of who they can become, how they can impact in their world, the ways that they can create their own destiny, and how they can help the people that they love.



  • J Wagner

    Mr. Jeffry Wagner
    ELA - 5th Grade

    Masters in Education, Bachelors in English Literature