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    Just a "Note" from Mrs. Hall!

    Hello, I am Renee Hall, your new 5th and 6th grade music teacher at Oak Harbor Intermediate.  This is my 16th year working for the Oak Harbor School District, and it's a wonderful place to teach.  Last year, I taught music at Oak Harbor Elementary.  I am excited to help create our new music classes for OHI.  My classes are full of fun.  I try to make music an experience where all students can find success.  We sing, play instruments, perform skits and musicals, learn about musicians, the history and culture around the world and write or own compositions, too. We apply our knowledge to real world events and careers that are music related.  These activities align with the Washington and National Core 'ARTS' Standards:  Creating, Performing/Presenting/Producing, Responding and Connecting.  

    I have three expectations in my music class:  Be Respectful, Responsible and Ready to Learn.

    I grade on participation/effort, music skills and behavior.  Students will self assess after each class, reflecting on the above expectations and what they are learning.  I would like students to take ownership of their grades.

    My classes during the school day are not choir classes, but there will be an after school OHI Show Choir offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:25-4:25.  Show choir is for students who love to sing and move.  Students will learn vocal techniques, good posture, and sing traditional/folk and modern songs from the 1800's - 2018 adding in choreography.  Students will have the opportunity to sing solos, sing with small groups, full choir and perform in a variety of venues.  More information will come the first week of school in September.  There will be an activities bus available to take students home after choir at 4:25 if they are not walkers or being picked up by parents.  Choir will start Tuesday, September 25.  Applications and permission slips will be passed out to interested students the first full week of school.  If you have any questions email

    I am looking forward to starting a new journey with the OHI Panthers in exploring a world of music possibilities.

    Mrs. Renee Hall

    OHI Music Teacher

    "Music & More"

    The below themes will be taught throughout the school year in the music classroom.  Sixth grader will have longer and more in depth units of study.

    Music Creations:

    This unit will teach skills for students to create their own songs and or pieces of instrumental music.  Students will create jingles for radio commercials, TV advertisements, music for school, community and world events.  Our enw Quaver curriculum will be used for theory, composition writing, instrument knowledge and techniques.  Drums, ukeleles, xylophones and other instruments will add to the creativity.  Students will be given the opportunity to perform their creations.

    Musical Production:

    This unit will teach acting/drama and vocal skill along with all aspects of producing a musical.  Students will learn about script writing, scores/music, stage directions, costuming, backdrops and props and stage crew duties.  Students will also learn about Broadway musicals, composers and conductors.  Students will be given the opportunity to perform their productions.

    World Music:

    This unit will focus on listening experiences from around the world and United States.  Students will be identifying world instruments, learn the history, culture and composers behind the music.  Students will sing songs from different countries and experience dance from different cultures.  Community members will be invited to share their culture and music with the class.





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