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  • Just a “Note” from Mrs. Hall

    Hello Musicians and Families,

    I am Mrs. Renee Hall, the "Music and More" teacher at Oak Harbor Intermediate. This is my
    20th year working for Oak Harbor Public Schools, and it is a wonderful place to teach.

    My classes are full of fun, hands-on learning.  I try to make music an experience where all students can find success.  We apply our knowledge to real world events and careers that are music-related.

    These activities align with the Washington and National Core "ARTS" Standards:  Creating, Performing/Presenting/Producing, Responding and Connecting

    The Oak Harbor Public School District uses Quaver Ed music curriculum K-6.  Quaver Ed is an online curriculum that allows students to learn music skills and information through their website.  Because the students have “Quaver-Time” and need to access Google Classroom during class, I am asking all students to bring their charged chromebook to music class on Thursdays and Fridays. Some of the activities require students to listen to music or other information.  Please remind your child to bring headphones or earbuds to music class. If you do not have any headphones or earbuds, please contact me. 

    I have three expectations in my music class:

    (Be Respectful, Responsible and Ready to Learn)  Grading is based on engagement/effort, music skills and completed assignments. Every four weeks I will post grades in Skyward.  You can also check  the Google Music Classroom for assignments.  At the end of each trimester,  I will post the grades on Skyward by points and percentages.  This is a pass/fail class but you will see by percentage how your musician is doing. MP means making progress (Pass)   NP means no progress (Not passing)

    If you have any questions, email


    I look forward to our journey exploring “Music and More” together.                                 


    Mrs. Renee Hall

    OHI Music Teacher 





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