Ms. Sarah Child

  • Welcome to OHI! My name is Sarah Child and I've lived in Oak Harbor (permanently) since 2010.  My husband served 22 years in the Navy, which brought us back to the island every 3 years for his entire carreer. We have 3 kids, a Newfoundland, a Leonberger, and 2 cats.  Our two youngest (16 and 14) are at OHHS this year (Go Wildcats!). This is my 8th year in the Oak Harbor School District, and my 4th year at OHI.

    I am passionate about SCIENCE and math, but also love painting, reading, and gardening. My mission this year is to engage my students and inspire them to become inquisitive, creative, and productive young people. I believe that with a 'growth mindset', there is no limit to a child's potential or success.

    In 5th grade STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) students will build upon previous skills to think critically, work independently and with peers, solve and explain their reasoning, work on projects, and interact with a variety of materials during science experiments.  In science, students will learn about Matter and Energy in Ecosystems, Structures and Properties of Matter, and Earth and Space Systems. In Math, students will deepen their understanding of the common core standards through daily lessons and spiraled reviews.

    We will do a number of projects throughout the year, and I will keep families updated on our topics for both math and science by sending out weekly emails. Students can view all of their assignments on my Google Classroom and I will send invites to guardians so that you can see what is happening in class.

    I can't wait to get to know you and your kids. This is going to be a great year!