Gmerek, Betsy

  • Hello OHE students and families!
    I am so happy to finally be back in person with students this 2020-21 school year. In this current hybrid phase, my responsiblitiites and schedule look alot different: Students will be seeing me in THEIR classroom twice a week, for 45 minute integrated Arts/Science instruction. Unless safety protocols change, I will be working closely with individuals in grade level cohorts on a rotational basis, 4 weeks at a time. I began with 3rd grade. The change in structure, has its benefits. It offers me opportunity to innovate instruction while working more closely with students, which excites learning. My STEAM instruction is aligned with Next Generation Science, Tech/Engineering, Math and Art standards. Arts and Sciences can be taught together by using their similar processes which improve student engagement and understanding. The Scientific Method and the Creative Processes are very much aligned, with inquiry being at the heart of these methods. When I am not teaching through integration, I am assisting the classroom by working with students one on one, on ELA, Math, technology, while ensuring safety protocols. I also support the hybrid students on their remote days through their Google Classroom.
    If you are new to this amazing school, here's a little about me and my art philosophy- I have 19 years of certificated teaching experience in both the gen ed. classroom (MA Ed. Arts integration) and k-12 Visual Arts. It is through the arts and science, that I will passionately serve these students and the Oak Harbor community. By differentiating instruction, I strive to meet each child where he or she is at. In embracing the whole child, I put emphasis on the creative processes over the product-driven approach. It is my goal that all students will leave elementary school as creative problem solvers. This year your student will practice seeing, thinking, and creating. Through the Scientific Method they willl explore problems, answer quesitons, and form hypotheses. This is a place where important foundations for art skills and conceptual arts understandings will take root. Through a balanced sequential integrated arts/science curriculum, students will be able to build upon existing art and science skills, while constructing knowledge to grow and gain confidence, not only in the arts and sciences, but also in other cross-curricular areas that are woven into the arts (Socio-Emotional Learning, Technology, Math, Engineering, Literacy). Student STEAM projects will go home throughout the year, but what you don't see will be held in student portfolios or displayed at school, and returned toward the end of year.  I will keep my website's artist gallery updated as students create art!  
    This is going to be an exciting year with these budding young minds. In nurturing the whole child, Oak Harbor Elementary has adopted the Leader in Me program. So in its second year, our school community will be working to model and teach the 7 habits of effective leaders to our students. I am especially excited because the arts are an ideal place to practice and instill these 7 life skill habits. Artistic thinking and behaviors are interchangeable with these LIM 7 habits--For example, piggybacking on the habits like "Begin with the end in mind" (artists envision),  "Synergize" (artists collaborate), and much more. You can learn more about the Leader in Me process through the OHE homepage. 
    Updated information is always available through Family Access on Skyward. Three times a year, towards the end of the trimester, I send out a letter through Skyward updating you with general student progress while also previewing art and science concepts/techniques to come. You can also reach me in the classroom or through email and phone. 
    360 821-9349
    I look forward to witnessing these budding artists blossom!
    Where there's heART, there is ART,
    Mrs. Gmerek


  • Mrs. Gmerek   

    Mrs. Gmerek

    Art and STEAM Specialist 

    MA Arts Integration: Curriculum and Instruction

    Where there's HeART,

     there's ART! ♥

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