Lisa Temcov

  • I enjoy learning. Whenever there is a chance I listen, read, watch, research or enroll in classes relevant to my work or activities at hand. Currently I am enthusiastic about approaches that teach literacy in explicit (clearly detailed) and multisensory ways. 

    I have three Bachelor of Arts degrees in Elementary Education, Middle Level Math and Science Teaching, and Music. My travels and introductory studies in the languages of Spanish, German, Russian, and Japanese have shown me a variety of ways of living. 

    At Olympic View Elementary I have had the opportunity to serve students as a Math Title Intervention Teacher for 4 years, a Library Teacher for 1 year, and now a 3rd Grade Teacher. The weekly after school online Math Tutoring groups held all year I hope to continue as needed.

    My personal activities are in health, music and visits with my college graduate son. I exercise at the gym, perform solo guitar and song, and enjoy card, dice and board games.

  • Lisa Temcov

    3rd Grade Teacher