Peterson, M.

  • Welcome to Mr. Peterson’s 7th Grade Science Class!

    September 2017

    Dear Students (and Parents),

    About Your Teacher: My name is Mike Peterson, and this is my first year teaching at NWMS.  I went to college at the University of Montana where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology Education.  Before coming to North Whidbey, I taught math and science in several small Alaskan villages.  I love teaching, I love science, and can’t imagine a better job for myself.  When I’m not teaching, I like to spend my time either outside or playing board games.  I am so excited to get to know every one of you throughout the year.

    What is Science?  Science is a way of knowing the world through observation and experimentation.  It is a tool that we can use to better understand the universe.  Science is also a great subject in which to apply math skills, writing, non-fiction reading, and good old wondering about the world around us.  Within our science classroom (and within North Whidbey Middle School), we respect ourselves, we respect each other, and we respect our classroom with all it contains. WE WORK HARD TOGETHER EVERY DAY! We make no excuses; our effort is reflected in what we learn and how we perform.

    Supplies each student needs:

    • One Inch Three Ring Binder (this will serve as your science journal)
    • At least 50 sheets of college ruled, loose-leaf notebook paper
    • pens and pencils (you need to have more than one handy every period)
    • colored pencils
    • Earbuds / headphones – recommended but not required

    Course Outline and Objectives: In this class, students begin by asking, "What is life?" and look at plant and animal cells in detail. Students will investigate cells, human body systems, genetics, populations and ecosystems, and evolution. Learning is focused around hands-on laboratory investigations and projects. Students will often work in groups as they build their understanding of basic biology concepts. Classroom activities will include writing, conducting labs, projects, discussions, working in groups, and reading non-fiction materials. You will also build your skills in mathematics, language arts, laboratory equipment, and computers. Learning about life is so good!

    Standard Procedure: I expect you to be seated and ready to learn when the bell rings. Likewise, you should expect me to be ready to teach.

    Attendance: Much of our learning takes place through labs and demonstrations that cannot be made up or repeated, so your attendance is very important! Be there or be square!

    Homework: We won’t have homework everyday but when we do, it is your job to do it—by yourself; using your own personal brain (it is perfectly acceptable to get help or share ideas with friends). If you have questions/problems or need more help come see me before school or sign up to stay after school for tutoring on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. You can also access daily homework information and many documents you might need at my class website.

    Makeup Work: When you return to class after any absence, it is your responsibility to check the makeup binder for work, ideas, assignments you missed. You have one day to make up work for each day absent. If you need more time, talk to me. Get a jump-start on your work while absent by visiting the class website as noted above.

    The Rules: In this class, we take PRIDE in our choices and behavior.

    1. Be Prepared
    2. Show Respect
    3. Act with Integrity
    4. Cultivate Determination
    5. Practice Empathy

    Discipline: I prefer to deal directly with you instead of calling your parents. You are responsible for your own behavior. So, here is how I view our time together in the classroom:

    1. I invite students to remain in my classroom as long as they do not cause a problem for anyone else.
    2. If a student causes a problem, I will ask them to fix it.
    3. If the student can’t or won’t fix it, I will direct the student toward a logical consequence experience.
    4. What I do will depend on the unique situation, but be assured that logical and reasonable consequences will be fairly and consistently applied.

     Fun: We will have the maximum amount of fun possible while still being respectful of everyone, safe, and focusing on what is important - learning. Please bring your sense of humor to class.

     Parent Communication: I value and I welcome open communication with parents. You can expect to hear from me via written notices home, personal email through the school district system or by phone (provided you have a local home or cell phone number). My contact information is listed below along with web access to Skyward, where you may view your student’s progress on a regular basis. Feel free to contact me at any time; please leave a

    message during class hours along with the best method for me to reach you. To ensure the best chance of success for my students, I will make every effort to notify parents as early as possible of a problem. I know that you love and care for your child very deeply. I also know parents will support my efforts at home by being empathetic and encouraging as their student learns to take responsibility and accept logical and appropriate consequences, both positive and negative, for all of their behaviors. I appreciate the trust you place in me, the encouraging support you provide from home for your student, and the empathy and joy you will express as your child grows. I look forward to celebrating many student successes!


    Mr. Mike Peterson

    Classroom: (360) 279-5531


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    Michael Peterson
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