• These students were selected by their teacher for Explorer of the week.  This week's trait is: 




    • Never give up
    • Always keep on trying
    • If at first you don't succeed, try again


    Evan Dearden/Ms Byrne, Ethen Horton/Ms Cadwell, Sarah Jaxheimer/Mr Flack, Jordan Williams/Ms Hart, Chip Harrell/Ms Higgy, Hailey Jamie/Ms Kenney, Charleigh Ching/Ms McConnell, Malikai Frankwich/Ms Mollitor, Michael Torgerson/Ms Norelli, Graycee Rousseau/Ms Ogren, Steven Robles/Ms Rankin, Skylar Saunders/Ms Ronning, Mary-Anne Hennessey/Ms Schiltz (not pictured), Nicolas Fiesta/Ms Wafford, Jordan Richardson/Mr Woodard