• These students were selected by their teacher for Explorer of the week.  This week's trait is: 



    • Knowing and doing what you have to do
    • Doing things without being told to
    • Accept the consequences
    • Be prepared
    • Plan ahead


    Taisei Uemoto/Ms Allen, Layla Ward/Ms Anderson, Holllie Gillson/Ms Byrne, Katarina Tyson/Mr Flack, Spencer Calhoun/Mr Karney, Samantha Hickam/Ms Kenney, Wyatt Waite/Ms Mollitor, Alejandro Manzo Loera/Ms Norelli, Carys Bailey/Ms Ogren, Carter-Ann Cochran/Mr Orkiolla, Madyson White/Ms Penley, Paisley Sterling/Ms Rankin, Ashton Drake/Ms Ronning, Aurora Aguirre/Ms Sahlin (not pictured), Johan Santos/Ms Urban, Scarlett Shepard/Ms Wafford