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     Final Book and Chromebook Collection

    Supply Collection Days

    Thank you for returning your books and chromebooks this past week. If you didn't get a chance please call the office for drop off information. Library books and textbooks not returned will remain on your library account for the Fall. You are able to keep your Chromebook over the summer.




    Student Spelling Bee

    Spelling Bee

    Congratulations to all who participated in this year's Spelling Bee! Winners for the K-4 level were Dinah Elliff (1st), Lucille Corona (2nd) and Aimee Brinlee (3rd). As the winner of the K-4 competition, Dinah got to compete in the older group (grades 5-8) and won again! Isaiah Walton was 2nd and Brielle Haslet was 3rd. Way to go!





    First Lego League Heads to Competition

    First Lego League Once again HomeConnection is sponsoring 2 lego teams. A Jr. Lego League team consisting of 6 members, and a First Lego League team consisting of 10 members. The Jr. team's theme is BoomTown and their task is to solve a problem in their city.

    The FLL team's theme is City Shaper and they have 3 tasks to perform during competition and earn points based on the success of the task. The tasks are a project, a skit, and a robot mission. Their first performance is at a Jamboree at North Whidbey Middle School on Saturday, November 23rd. After that, their off to Cascade High School in Everett for a regionals qualifying event. Good Luck to both teams and thank you for representing our school.





    Phoenix Foods Now Open

    Phoenix Foods Our very own student store is once again open celebrating its 11th year in business. This service class gives the 12 students an opportunity to practice leadership, accounting, decision making, purchasing and advertising. Students in the class take turns on their shifts serving customers, keeping inventory organized and even catching up on some of their homework. The schedule will be posted on the bulletin board outside of Student Store.  Don't forget your change. $5 Student Store "punch cards" are also available. Stop by sometime and pick up a delicious snack or healthy beverage, and be sure to thank the store employee for keeping this important part of HomeConnection a success.





    Student Government Leaders 2019-2020 School year

    Student Leadership

     President: Morgan Roop

    Vice President: Grace Odeneal

    Secretary: Bailey Darnell

    Treasurer: Maggie Garrett


    Thank you to all the students who are members of Student Government this year. Your contribution to our school is highly appreciated.


    Poetry and Garry Oaks

    Smith Park The Oak Harbor Education Foundation awarded students at HomeConnection a $2400 public poetry and art grant for the 2018-19 school year to be completed with support and guidance from members of the Garry Oaks Society, the Main Street Association, the Oak Harbor Arts Commission, the Oak Harbor Parks Department, and the Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce.  Students taking core English classes and the Drawing and Painting course at HomeConnection are researching poetry and quotes in the public domain, pairing them with artwork and finally sending the best proposals to community committees for final selection and approval. Once selection and approval have been granted, designs will be outsourced to Salty Dog Woodworks and Humphrey Sign Co. for fabrication and installation. The overall mission of the project is to understand how we have the capability to: “Leave our community a little better than we found it.”

    Try out Talent Show Auditions

    Auditions for our annual Talent Showcase will be on April 12th and 19th from 1:00-3:00pm. Sign ups for the Talent Show will begin on March 4th. The Talent Showcase will be on May 17th @ 6:30pm. Questions? Email Mrs. Webster

    Robotics Team Heads to State

    Regional Competition Winners Yesterday the Seattle Semi-Finals event was held at Amazon. Our Lego Robotics team again won the Inspiration Award and was the first Whidbey Island team to ever be selected to continue on to the State championships.

    Their next competition will be February 10th in Kent, where they will be vying with the top teams for a spot at the World competition in Houston. 583 teams competed at the beginning of the season, 120 were selected to advance to one of four semi-finals, and 32 are chosen to advance from the semi-finals to state. 
    Austin, Gideon, and Logan met representatives from Olympia; Rep. Dave Paul, Rep. Norma Smith, and Sen. Barbara Bailey. They will be ambassadors for both Washington First Lego League and our STEM programs. 


    Student store restocks

    Restocking the store Once every month Mrs. Krantz, the student store instructor, braves the road to Costco and buys the delightful supplies to stock our student store. New items this year include Coconut Bites, Fig Bars and Go Gurt. Popular sellers continue to be Izzie, Sparkling Ice and Pub Mix. Punch cards are available for $5.00. Thank you to the workers and the assistant manager Jennah for making this important place a success at Homeconnection.




    Arts and Literature Showcase Arts and Literature Night

    In its 18th year, this year's Project Fair focuses on the arts and literature. At this event, students were given the opportunity to share projects completed at home or during HomeConnection classes. This year's participants submitted many different projects including: edible stories, weavings, silks, clay, water colors, acrylics, poetry, narrative stories, lego robots, and contraptions. Mrs. Zylstra and her team worked hard to make this a successful, relaxing showcase of student work. Thank you teachers, students and parents for participating in this amazing annual event.






    Vote for your Leaders Student Leadership Holds Elections for 2018-2019 School Year

    The goal of student government is to provide opportunities for students to learn and apply principles of leadership which ultimately makes our school a better place! Started in 2010 by Mrs. Cribb, the original motto was "To Lead, To Serve, To Inspire". This year Mrs. Jenkings and Mrs. Zylstra are the teachers and will oversee the students plans for Birthday Celebrations, Color Run, Community Service, School Dances, Dr. Suess Day, and many others. Look for their announcements in the Weekly Bulletin and on the front bulletin board. Thank you Student Leadership for being an important part of HomeConnection for 9 years.




    Sailing Environmental Science Field Experience

    The Students from Mr. Ross' environmental science class embarked on a Puget Sound water research trip on May 25. The students conducted water chemistry tests, plankton study and sailing navigation studies during this 6 hour field research trip. Past data was analyzed and compared to this year's tests to help uncover the answer "Is Puget Sound a healthy ecosystem?" Aboard the Cutty Sark 56 foot Ketch, students tried to stay warm and complete the "classroom tasks" as the waves and wind rocked the boat. Overall, the students learned about water quality chemistry, navigation, sailing and the importance of warm clothing.


    Mt Baker Theatre

    Our brave English teacher, Mrs. Jenkins, and 4 chaperones, escorted 58 middle and high schools students to the Mt. Baker Theatre in Bellingham for a fabulous, professional performance of "My heart in a Suitcase"...

    Impactful theatre based on memoir by Anne Lehmann Fox

    Offer a path to empathy for the perils of persecuted people through this gripping and poignant production about a hard decision, the strength of the human spirit and the enduring power of a family’s love.

    Anne Lehmann and her family no longer feel safe in their Berlin home. In order to protect their daughter in 1938 Germany, Mr. and Mrs. Lehmann may have to say goodbye to her forever and send her on the Kindertransport. Anne must struggle to bring meaning out of despair, to cling to love and hope even in a world that seems to be filled with hatred and violence.

    Consider attending a different performance with your family at this regional, historic theatre. 


    Letters about Literature Congratulations Mrs. Jenkins and her 8th graders Emma and Grace

    We are happy to inform you that two of your students, Emma Edwards and Grace Waite are semifinalists in the Letters About Literature contest!

    This year 856 WA students in grades 4-6 submitted letters in Level 2.  Of those, 115 advanced to round 2 of judging and 47 returned to WA for round 3. Our state winner will be chosen from the 47 semifinalists.  Should one of your students be chosen as the winner, we will notify you.  The student will then need to fill out a second permission form that allows us to post a photo and do a few other things.  We should be contacting the teachers of the winners in early April.  The state winners will be publicly announced on or before April 18th.

    Congratulations to you, and to Emma and Grace!  If you have any questions, please let us know.

    About the Contest

    Letters About Literature is a reading and writing contest for students in grades 4-12. Students are asked to read a book, poem or speech and write to the author (living or dead) about how the book affected them personally. Letters are judged on state and national levels. Tens of thousands of students from across the country enter Letters About Literature each year. If you are in grades 4-12, you are eligible to enter the Letters About Literature reading and writing contest.


    See for more information

    apple Congratulations 1st Semester Honor Roll Members

    Each semester middle & high school grade point averages (GPAs) are calculated. Grades include core/credit classes and Fit for Life.  Students who earn a 3.5 or higher GPA, are recognized as Honor Roll Student.  Eligible students must be in at least 3 HC academic, credit/core classes, earning a 3.5 or higher GPA. Student Government honors them with a special event (breakfast, Ice Cream Social, etc.).  This is simply to say, WELL DONE!

    • Brokaw, Eric
    • Bruland, Micah
    • Buys, Andrew
    • Buys, Thomas E
    • Cash, Kelly
    • DuPont, Tessa
    • Edwards, Emma
    • Fleming, Anna
    • Franklin, Ezra
    • Garrett, MargaretAnn
    • George, Kylee
    • Hadley, Jackson
    • Johnson, Daniel
    • Johnston, Margaret
    • Long, Reed
    • Lupien, Sydney
    • Marley, Breanne
    • Miller, Aurora
    • Pope, Abigail
    • Pope, Catherine
    • Pope, Liam
    • Pulley, Jonathan
    • Roop, Morgan
    • Ruiz, Wyatt
    • Steele, Maylin
    • Swanson, Nathan
    • Waite, Grace
    • Walker, Sydney
    • Wilson, Jakob
    • Winch, Hailey
    • Wolfkill, Cypress
    • Young, Dylan
    • Zylstra, Lacey


    Skagit Valley College Running Start

    If you're an academically motivated high school junior or senior, Running Start may be the perfect option for you! The Running Start program at SVC offers you the opportunity to take college level courses to earn credits to both your high school diploma and college degree -- without paying tuition!

    The Running Start Program is a partnership of local districts and Skagit Valley College, allowing area high school aged students to participate in community college classes, working towards high school and/or college graduation requirements. As originally established by the FST, a significant part of the mission of HC is to prepare students for Running Start. Running Start requires a middle and high school program which works to prepare students for college by the end of tenth grade.  This requires demanding coursework.  Through the Running Start Program, local school districts pay student tuition for courses that are 100 levels and above.  Student eligibility to take 100 level classes is determined by their test scores on the Compass Reading, Writing and Math tests.  Although the district pays tuition, students are required to buy books, supplies, materials, and to pay lab fees.  If you are interested in Running Start, please speak with your advisor or the HC Principal. More information is on our school website


    Premier of School Play January 24th 6:30 p.m.

    School Play

    The story of Nellie Bly, America's first woman investigative reporter set standard for the best in newspaper journalism. Nellie Bly was an American journalist known for her pioneering reporting, including her 1887 expose on the conditions of asylum patients at Blackwell's Island in New York City and her trip around the world in 1889.





    Spring Registration Procedures

    Registration for first semester classes is held in May, second semester classes in January. Parents come to school to register children for classes. Participation in registration depends on timely completion and turning in of the Class Determination Survey. Grade levels, class size limits, entry date requirements and class prerequisites are predetermined by instructors and school staff

    Families are given course, instructor and schedule information beforehand. Registration is prioritized as follows:

    1. Previous semester Waiting List (at parent request)
      1. A waiting list is available to reserve a position in the class. If a spot becomes available, grade-eligible students will be placed in current semester class. OR waiting list students will be offered first position in next semester’s class by parent request. Parent must notify office staff to be placed on waiting list. Parents may add student to waiting list through the first two weeks of a semester, only if the class is full. HC Principal may add an additional class if a waiting list becomes too large. All additional classes are at principal’s discretion. Parents are responsible to keep an eye on class waiting lists for their students. Please remind/ask office staff for assistance if a class position opens.
    2. Instructors’ Children.
      1. HC instructors may register their own K - 5 children before registration day, for classes held during times when the instructor is teaching class.
    3. Seniority-determined registration,  Family registration order is determined by the original, continued enrollment date of each family
      1. Previous participation in a class series (6th Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, etc.),
      2. Children may be enrolled for up to 6 hours of classes.  
      3. High school students have no limit on the number of courses they may sign up for; however, ALL courses they sign up for MUST be for high school credit.  
      4. Middle school students who sign up for 8.5 or more hours of core/credit classes during seniority signup, may not sign up for noncore classes at that time unless the class is a potential credit class.
    4. Open registration
    5. Exception Forms
    1. Parents must fill out Exception form.
    2. Parents give form to advisor for approval and signature.
    3. Advisor contacts instructor for approval and signature. If both approve and sign, the exception becomes possible after the open enrollment period. Grade level students have priority in exception instances.  Advisors must complete the process.  In most instances, students taking a class for the first time are given preference over students repeating a class. Every other year is the maximum number of times a student may repeat a class, unless an exception form is used
    • Generally, class size is set for minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12. Secondary core/credit classes are set for maximum of 16. HC principal must grant approval for any deviations. These numbers can vary according to enrollment and budget constraints. If enrollment drops below the needed level, a class may be dropped from the schedule at any time, at the principal’s discretion
    • Families have the first two weeks of a semester to add or drop courses. A drop after two weeks may cost $25 per class, per student. The fee can be deducted from allocation funds at the advisor’s discretion. If a student misses too many classes their advisor may withdraw them from the class and apply the $25 drop fee. This is especially true when the class is full and/or has waiting list.
    • Many criteria are taken into account in the process of presenting potential classes for registration, including parent/student interest, commitment to continuing classes ( “for credit” and core classes), availability of instruction for students, and, a cost comparison of similar instruction through vendors.

    Arts and Literature Showcase

    Arts and Literature Showcase 2017

    This year's Project Fair focused on the arts and literature. At this event, students were given the opportunity to share projects completed at home or during HomeConnection classes. The projects this year were diverse and well developed. Participants included many different topics and mediums; edible stories, weavings, silks, clay, water colors, acrylics, poetry, narrative stories, lego robots, and contraptions. Mrs. Zylstra and her team worked hard to make this a successful, relaxing showcase of student work. In its 17th year, the project fair past focus has been devoted to science, technology, and history. Thank you for participating in this important annual event.

    Student Leadership Officers Chosen

     SG Class  Officers
    Thanks for voting for this year's leadership: Jakob Wilson-President; Sawyer Maggio-Vice President; Lydia Welch-Secretary; Casey Rodgers-Treasurer, Michelle Consolver-Chair Person.
    The goal of student government is to provide opportunities for students to learn and apply principles of leadership which ultimately makes our school a better place! Started in 2010 by Mrs. Cribb, the original motto was "To Lead, To Serve, To Inspire". This year Mrs. Jenkings and Mrs. Zylstra are the teachers and will oversee the students plans for Birthday Celebrations, Color Run, Community Service, School Dances, Dr. Suess Day, and many others. Look for their announcements in the Weekly Bulletin and on the front bulletin board. Thank you Student Leadership for being an important part of HomeConnection for 8 years.

     Back to School September 2017

    September Classes begin
    New clothes have been purchased, outgrown shoes have been replaced and school lockers assigned. With the first week of school completed, we can officially say fall has arrived. Does this time of year bring fond memories or anxiety about how much needs to be taught? Whatever the case, the staff at HomeConnection are glad you're here and sincerely hope this is a fantastic school year.
    Some important items to remember:
    • Monthly reviews are open each and every month from the 22nd-28th. 
    • School picture day is October 18th
    • The Fall PSAT test is October 11th from 8:30-11:30
    • The class schedule can be adjusted for two weeks into the school year
    • FST (family support team) meets the first Monday of the month
    • PTA needs your help talk to Diane Cossey

    Foursquare Tournament 2017

    Foursquare Tournament 2017  
    Foursquare is a fun court game dating back to the 1880's. Since our move to Clover Valley, Foursquare is a game of choice by many students. Many revisions of rules have evolved, and if you don't play, listening to the server's rules would confuse you.
    Our annual tournament recently took place. Congratulations! Foursquare Tournament Winners Since we didn’t have any K-3 students, Student Government started an adult division. Mr. Evans and Mr. Hall dominated the female staff members (and Mrs. Long.) Evans and Hall competed again Tim Powers, Liam Pope, and Jaydon Wallace. After a 15 minute round, Mr. Evans and Jaydon were tied. So, BEST 2 out of 3 settled the score and Mr. Evans walked away the 4-square Champion. Jaydon walked away with the lollipop trophy (Mr. Evans insisted!) What a fun event! Thanks Student Government


    Talent Show 2017 

    TaeKwonDo Class
    The HomeConnection Talent is a favorite annual event. The idea of a talent show began in 1999 and for many years was held at our school's location the Christian Reformed Church. As we grew it was moved to the North Whidbey Middle School. In those days we served dinner.  Again, attendance grew so large that it was moved to Oak Harbor High School Parker Hall. Each year nearly 25 acts perform including group and individual performances as well as HomeConnection classes. Some years teachers even show off their talents. Currently the show is held at OHHS performing arts center each February or March with attendance topping 250 people. Hope to see you there!
     Click HERE for a slide show of last year's performances

    2017 HomeConnection Graduate

    Ash Thomas  
    Congratulations to Ash Thomas, the sixth graduate from HomeConnection. Ash's education path included many parts. He earned credits through HomeConnection classes, Skagit Valley College, online classes, and classes taken at home under his parent's supervision. That being said, there are lots of options to earn a high school diploma and graduate. Currently, if a student chooses to earn a diploma from Oak Harbor, they are required to earn 24 credits, annually complete 5 hrs of community service, and build a high school and beyond plan. Please talk to an advisor and make a good plan for your future!


    Spring Registration 2017

    Spring Registration  
    This bi-annual event always brings anxiety to parents and excitement to students. Parents had the daunting task to choose between 160 courses for their student's spring semester. All in all, the day proceeded smoothly. Many parents prefer registering from the comfort of their homes, while others come to HomeConnection to see the wait list, turn in exception forms and have last minute questions answered from staff. Thanks to all for your patience and dedication to educate your children.


     December 7th Winterfest Celebration

    Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who made this event a success. Friends from Harbor Towers participated in the 'sing-along' and heard the wonderful performance from our recorder and guitar classes. They were also treated to a special performance from Mrs Ross's beginning, elementary and choir music classes. Santa even made an appearance handing out candy canes to all the good boys and girls.
    Mrs Miller and Mrs. Pulley helped make the day fun with mug painting and a cookie/cupcake contest. All of the delicious entries were enjoyed by the audience after the performance. The cookie and cupcake contest winners were:
       Grades K-2      Lilian Foley
       Grades 3-5      Jonathan Pulley
       Grades 6-8      Liam Chapman
       Grades 9-12    Matthew Pulley 


    November 17th: Project Fair 2016 A Glowing Success

    Ancient Egypt
    Project fair is a unique opportunity for students to present information on a specific topic, collection, or experiment. Topics can focus on anything that interests you! From a historical event, to your collection of butterflies; how a motorcycle engine works, to a famous author; anything is possible! This year's event included 28 entries with a wide variety of topics. Thank you students and families for your dedication.


     November 10th: HomeConnnection Student Leadership Leads the Way2016 Student Leadership

    The Student Government Class is our form of student leadership. This class works on many "behind the scenes" topics to enhance our school. Their motto is Lead, Serve, and Inspire. Officer elections are held each year which gives students the opportunity to run a campaign and serve in a leadership position. High School credit can be earned for this class. This group of students is vital our school.
    This year's officers:
       Vice President-Violet
    Projects First Semester:
    September-Back to School BBQ, Hand-in-Hand lunch service, Birthday Calendar, Reader Board, Pledge of Allegiance Announcements
    October-Monster Mash Dance Grades 5-12, Art projects K-4
    November-Fill the Bus Community Outreach, Project Fair, Sees Candy Fundraiser, K-12 Art projects
    December-Sees Candy Fundraiser, K-4 Movie Night
    January-Winter Wonderland Dance