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    The mission of Oak Harbor Public Schools advanced learning programs is to identify and serve advanced K-12 learners by providing a consistent, challenging and supportive educational environment.
    K-12 Continuum of Advanced Learning Opportunities
    Oak Harbor Public Schools provides a continuum of advanced learning that includes a variety of services and classes. An important part of the continuum is the Highly Capable Program, which serves eligible students in grades K-6 whose potential and/or performance is significant enough to require modifications to their instructional approaches. At the secondary levels, grades 7-12, advanced classes are offered to students looking for a challenge and who demonstrate prerequisite skills.

    In identifying students for the Highly Capable Program serving students in grades 3-6, every effort is made to provide a screening and placement process that considers each referred student carefully and thoughtfully. A selection team uses established criteria that maintain equity and conforms to state guidelines. For middle school classes, grades 7-8, placement tests are one of several measures used to assess readiness for accelerated and honors classes. In high school, students select honors and advanced placement classes based on their interests and goals.

    Visit the program pages for an overview of each part the advanced learning continuum. A parent handbook, located in the resource section, provides detailed information about every aspect of the program. 
    Explore the Timeline Overview of the Highly Capable Program Identification Process to learn more about the process.