Grades-Family Access

  • Today, instead of waiting for mid-term reports or student-teacher conferences, parents can keep tabs on their children's progress and their problems by checking online.

    Family Access, a real-time online system allowing parents to keep up with their children's work at school, is available in full at the high school, North Whidbey Middle school, and Oak Harbor Intermediate School.

    "Real time means if you want to check on whether your child made it to his third period class today, just dial in five minutes after the class begins," said Ray Cone, assistant principal at Oak Harbor High. "If he's absent or tardy, in most cases you'll know about it.

    This system is available to parents no matter if they are at home, on the road, or deployed half way around the world. Family Access is secure, requiring parents to log in and provide a designated access code. There is one log-in name and access code for each member of the family, allowing parents access to all of their children in grades 6-12.

    The system allows parents to:
    • check absences and tardiness;
    • see each student's schedule;
    • learn how each class will be graded;
    • check on assignments turned in, including scores and grades;
    • access homework assignments and due dates;
    • learn what assignments are missing.
    In addition, parents can see the contact numbers and emergency numbers on file for their children. 
     Family Acces