• Nursing services include diabetic student monitoring, screening for vision and hearing, emergency care, first aid, consultations with parents and staff, and classroom education. Nurse Coker also manages medication administration and formulates health plans for students with health concerns.

    Since the health status of a student bears a direct relationship to their ability to derive a positive educational experience, it is important to communicate any health issues or concerns with the school nurse as they arise.

    In the event of a student health emergency, the parents or guardians will be called immediately. It is strongly advised that parents update their emergency contact information several times during the school year.

    In the event of a serious student injury or illness at school, we initiate the following:
    1. The primary home/cell phone number is called.
    2. If no response, the parents' work numbers are called.
    3. If no response, the emergency contact is called.
    4. If no response, the child may be transported by ambulance to the hospital.


    Illness, Fever, or Vomiting

    When a child is sick, the school will ask you to pick up your child. Students with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will be sent home. Students who have vomited at school may also be sent home. In order to return to school, the student must be free from fever and vomiting for 24 hours without the assistance of fever-reducing medication. We not only have a concern for your child but other children in the school as well. 

    Vision and Hearing Screening

    Vision and hearing screening will be conducted in grades K-3, as well as Grades 5 and 7. Students in other grades will be screened at the request of the parent or teacher. Your cooperation in following through on recommendations will help your child to a healthier, happier school experience.



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