Exploring the Arts at OHE

  • Music

    Typically, in prior years, all students spent at least one hour each week in music class. Here they learn music theory by utilizing instruments and vocals to practice rhythms, pitch, and melody while incorporating literacy and social skills. They learn about the history of music, composers and different styles of music.  In a normal year, each grade level would perform at a concert. However, in these challenging times the approach to teaching arts is now more innovative and integrative. This year, 2020-21, Music is integrated with Social Studies and taught in 4 week grade level rotation, where students receive in class instruction two times a week for 45 minutes.


    In 2020-2021, the art specialist, Mrs. Gmerek, rotates instruction by grade level every four weeks. This year she began her rotation in the third grade, and spent first 4 weeks of school teaching technology with some art integration. This year with the hybrid structure, Mrs. Gmerek, will integrate science and art (STEAM approach) through in class instruction two times a week (two 45 minute sessions). During art/science classes, students get to conduct science experiments and explore different art media including watercolor, textile, pastels, clay and more. Integrated approaches are engaging, rooted in inquiry, critical thinking and problem solving skills. The lessons are sequential, standards based and easily differentiated. Our students' art/science work is proudly displayed in the school halls and classrooms as well as in the photo galleries under  "ARTS" on the OHE website. Here is the art specialist rotation schedule through March 2021: 


    Grade Level Rotation schedule for Art/Science on a cart

    3rd  Grade             October 19-November 13

    *4th Grade             November 16-December 18 

    Kindergarten         January 4th-January 29th  

    1st                          February 1st-February 26  

    2nd                        March 1-March 26                  Then cycle  REPEATS! . . .