Special Education

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    Meeting Students Where They Are 
    We're committed to helping each student become an independent and successful learner. Our learning environment emphasizes compassion and growth, so students are free to focus on their learning and our teachers and staff are committed to helping each student reach their individual potential. Learn more about our special education programs below.   
    Transitions Program
    This program prepares special education youth ages 18-21 for life by integrating community resources into their extended high school education. Students learn academic subjects as they relate to real world applications including practicing consumer and home economics skills, and learning to  use public transportation. A key component of the program is providing work-based experiences for students and internships supervised by workplace mentors and staff.
    LifeSkills Program
    This program serves children with severe disabilities who must concentrate on learning the basic skills for daily living rather than standard academics. Learning in this program might include basic language and communications skills, self-care and hygiene, safety, daily living activities and basic academics. Life Skills classes are available from kindergarten to age 21.
    Emotionally-Behaviorally Disabled Choices Program (EBD)
    We offer this program to serve students with identified behavior problems who qualify for support designed to develop skills necessary for classroom learning. Students whose behavior adversely impacts their ability to learn, or who disrupt the learning environment can receive varying levels of assistance depending on the severity of the behavior.
    For students whose behavior disabilities are severe, the elementary, middle and high schools have classrooms for full-day instruction centered on behavior management. As students become capable of managing behaviors, they begin to transition into regular classrooms for periods of time.